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  Hints and Tips for: The Bard's Tale IV 
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 The Bard's Tale IV Cheats

The Bard's Tale IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bonus Item Locations:
Several bonus items require a special code to be redeemed on your save file, 
which are only available with certain editions of the game. You can find any 
codes available to you inside the "Extras" folder in the gameís install directory.

Kaelís Axe, the Fire Horn, and the Bardic Brian Booty bonus items are all available 
in the Adventurerís Guild shorty after the start of the game. For the Red Boots, 
search the Grand Plaz area in Skara Brae Underground you will find them on a 
charred corpse in a hanging cage.

The Lute of Compulsory Cavorting is a special crowdfunded unlock that is in the 
game for everyone, no codes or unlocks required. The lute is available via vendors, 
victory drops, and in a crate across from the Adventurerís Guild in Skara Brae 
Underground (but requires solving a puzzle to get to).

Likewise, the Bardic Brian Skin is available to all players. To use it, create a 
custom character and select Bard as your archetype. Youíll have Brian as one of 
the Bard portrait options.

How does the save system work in this game?:
The Bardís Tale IV uses both save checkpoints, and also saves when you exit the 
game from the Pause Menu.

If you use a Luck Stone, you will regain all your partyís health back, and the game 
will be saved. You cannot re-save at the same Luck Stone repeatedly. Exiting from 
the Pause Menu will save the game, but will not restore your health.

The World:
In mist-shrouded Skara Brae, in the darkest hours of the night, sometimes can be 
heard a voice on the wind. The Song of the Maiden the locals call it a song sung 
since before the standing stones grew moss, a song of ill fortune that lures those 
who hear it to their doom and drives the melancholy to madness, a song, they say, 
that must never end, for if it does, the world ends with it.

The Bardís Tale IV: Barrows Deep takes place in Caith, a land of rolling hills and 
ancient standing stones, of deep woods and living gods, and of windswept islands 
and dark secrets. You start your adventure in Skara Brae, a bustling seaport, and
from there travel to the Baedish lowlands, the Forest of Inshriach, and the Stennish
Isles. There will be villains to fight, companions to meet, traps to avoid, puzzles 
to solve, songs to sing, lore to learn, weapons of great power to discover, and of
course, a story to be told.

Dark days have returned to Skara Brae. The Temple of the Swordfather threatens the 
Adventurerís Guild, blaming it for the malevolent magics and monsters that terrorize
the populace. If you ever want to live in peace again, you, as an adventurer in 
good standing, must discover the true culprits behind these attacks, and learn why
your beloved city is once again the center of a maelstrom of evil.

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