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  Hints and Tips for: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 
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 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Cheats

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Display the Seed entry prompt at the "Character Select" menu by pressing [Tab]. 
Then, enter one of the following seed codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. You can remove any codes by pressing Q + E + [Tab] or LB + RB + X on 
an Xbox controller. Note: Entering a seed code will prevent achievements from 
being earned. Additionally, some codes may delete your saved game file.

Effect                                                           Code
Load screen always displays "Are You Sure You Want Me To Die?" - 1TENDSHE
All floors have the basement room tile set                     - BASEMENT
Invisible enemies                                              - BL1NDEYE
Analog television display                                      - BOOBTOOB
Isaac leaves fecal trail                                       - BRWNSNKE
Isaac only visible as brown shadow                             - CAMOK1DD
Eligible enemies become champions                              - CHAMP1ON
Enemies when Issac leaves room; new items do not drop          - COMEBACK
Take damage when idle                                          - D0NTST0P
Reversed controls                                              - DRAWKCAB
Jumbled in-game text                                           - DYSLEXIC
Sound effects replaced with farts                              - FARTSNDS
Alternate Hard mode                                            - HARDHARD
Isaac is grey                                                  - KAPPA
All items except troll bombs mimic Issac's movement            - KEEPAWAY
Isaac destroys rocks                                           - NFB83WSG
Isaac and tears turn black                                     - PTCHBLCK
Slow motion while Isaac is idle; music speed altered 
with movement speed                                            - SLOW4ME2
Easier game                                                    - 1337HAXR
Invisible character except for surrounding light effect        - 1MN0B0DY
Load screen always displays "Are You Sure You Want Me To Die?" - SUPASWAG
Large pools of blood when enemies die                          - BL0000DY
CRT display                                                    - B00BT00B
Character leaves fecal trail                                   - BRWNSNKE
Enemies only visible as brown shadows                          - CAM0F0ES
Character only visible as brown shadow                         - CAM0K1DD
Eligible enemies become champions                              - CHAMP10N
Enemies fight each other                                       - C0CKFGHT
Enemies fight each other                                       - CLSTRPH0
Concussive enemies that move randomly                          - C0NFETT1
Tarot cards are face down when collected                       - FACED0WN
All enemies have permanently feared                            - FEARM1NT
Enemies become feared randomly                                 - FRAIDN0T
Start with 69 coins and have to purchase all items and pickups - FREE2PAY
Start with 69 coins and have to purchase all items and pickups - PAY2PLAY
Character takes double damage                                  - HARDHARD
The lower your, the slower the music                           - HARTBEAT
Pill names and descriptions appear as                          - MED1C1NE
Your character wears a Santa hat                               - HOHOHOHO
Turns pick-ups invisible                                       - CAMODROP

Messy Adventuring:
As you choose your seed, enter the code BRWN SNKE and your 
character will leave a trail of poop mounds in his wake.

General Tips:
* Try to unlock all characters first. Beating the game with Isaac is certainly possible,
  but you may prefer other characters. 
* Beating Mom for the first time is only the beginning. In fact, the game doesn't even
  consider it a "Mom Kill." You have to now beat Mom's Heart in subsequent playthroughs.
  The more times you beat Mom's Heart, the more you unlock. 
* Azazel, a new character to Rebirth, is awesome in that he can fly over any obstacle 
  to get at items you might otherwise have to pass on. 
* Move around a lot when you're in a room with mobile enemies. Standing still is 
  guaranteed to get you killed. If you feel like you're having a really great run, feel
  free to skip pills. Sometimes they have negative effects and can ruin your playthrough.
* Take notes and keep track of all the tarot cards. Some are good, some are bad, 
  and some are GREAT. 
* If you're not a visual learner... well, you may have some trouble with Rebirth in 
  that case. When you use an item it's added to the item list, but only with a name 
  and picture. Do your best to remember what each item does, and write down descriptions
  if that helps.
* Blow up blue flames for a chance at soul hearts.
* If you have an abundance of bombs, blow up the middle of walls in an attempt to find
  secret rooms.
* Deals with the devil are the ultimate risk/reward. You lose a heart, but the items 
  offered in that room are often great.

Rebirth allows the option to input seeds, which recreates the level someone else played.
It doesn't count towards progress, but it's a cool way to experience unique level layouts
or use items that other people discovered. Seed codes can be found by pressing start while 
playing and accessing the menu, in the top left corner.

The following seeds were included by the developer and unlock various effects. 

BOOB TOOB - Arcade cabinet effect/filter.
BRWN SNKE - Leave a trail of poop when you walk.
BL1N DEYE - Invisible enemies.
KAPP A    - Isaac turns gray, like the referenced Twitch emote.
DYSL EXIC - Scrambles ingame text.
PTCH BLCK - Character and tears turn black.
FART SNDS - Sound effects are now fart noises.
CAMO K1DD - Character's skin matches the color of the floor.
BASE MENT - Basement on all floors, though you can't beat the game this way.
CHAM P1ON - Every enemy is a champion (colored) version.
D0NT ST0P - Keep moving to avoid damage.
KEEP AWAY - Items mimic your character's movements.
SLOW 4ME2 - Music speeds up or slows down depending on your movement.
COME BACK - Leaving a room rewspawns enemies/bosses.
DRAW KCAB - Controls are inverted.

Zodiac items:
Collect the following items to gain the corresponding effect. 

Aquarius  : Leave trail of tears that damages enemies.
Aries     : Movement speed increase and grows horns on his head which can damage enemies.
Cancer    : Get three spirit hearts, the ability to inflict poison on contact, convert 
            damage over time into half hearts.
Capricorn : All stats increased, get one bomb, key and coin.
Gemini    : Gemini's baby appears on Isaac and damages nearby enemies.
Leo       : Break rocks by walking on them.
Libra     : Get six keys, bombs and coins and have all stats balanced.
Pisces    : Tear upgrade and their knockback is increased.
Scorpio   : Tears are poisonous, and tear stats lowered.
Taurus    : Movement speed decrease but gets faster when enemies are present. When fast 
            enough can damage enemies on contact.
Virgo     : Empty red heart containers refilled and get temporary shield once per room.

The Lost:
In order to unlock The Lost, you must kill yourself in very specific ways in a specific order.
First you must die to a Mulliboom as Isaac in one of the Basement floors. Second you must die
to a bomb blast as Magdalene in one of the Caves floors. Third you must die to Mom's Foot as 
Judas in one of the Depths floors. You can use seeds for the first three parts but not Azazel.
Last you must die to the second stage of Satan as Azazel in Sheol. You cannot die in other 
ways between these specific death runs, you cannot win with any character, and you cannot use
seeds. You can, however, reset between runs. If you die and quickly hold R to reset before 
the death screen comes up, it does not count as a death and you can continue to unlock the 
lost. The Lost starts with flying, and has no health, nor can he gain health through normal
health pick ups. However, he can take devil deals for free.

Easy items:
This trick requires the Blank Card (from defeating Isaac in the Cathedral with Eden), Jera Rune
(from completing the "High Brow" challenge), and the D20 (from defeating ??? in the Chest with 
Isaac). Having the D6 (from defeating Isaac in the Cathedral with ???) is also helpful. Start 
by finding a room that has at least one battery on the ground. Alternately, spawn them with the
48 Hour Energy pill. Remove all other items from the room. Use charges from somewhere else to 
copy those batteries with the Blank Card and Jera until you have at least three of them. Use 
batteries from the room to copy batteries for a net gain. Keep doing this until the room is 
filled with batteries to virtually have infinite charges for any activated item. Then, obtain a
Judgement card (from Wheel Of Fortune cloning, Tarot Deck, etc.). Use the Blank Card and Jera 
in a new room to copy a large number of Judgement cards. Go to another new room, and copy a 
large number of coins, keys and hearts. Note: Try spawning a few Beggars and bombing them. Use
the resources in this room to refill when required. If you need a D20, use the Judgement cards
to spawn Beggars and farm them until you get one from a Key Beggar chest. Finally, use the 
following four steps to complete the process:

1.Fill the largest room available with items such as coins. A room is considered full when it 
  starts replacing old items with new ones.
2.Use the D20 to reroll the items, open all the chests, pick up any passive items, pills, and 
  other helpful objects and repeat. Avoid collecting items that are not needed.
3.Once a D6 drops, repeat the steps in a smaller room to get a few activated items. Swap any
  activated items that you want to keep elsewhere.
4.Reroll the items in the main room with the D6, collect anything desired, and repeat the 
  process. Use the D20 to refill as needed.

How to Enable Mouse Controls on PC:
Note: Change .ini files at your own risk!

* To enable mouse controls on a Steam copy of "Binding of Isaac: Rebirth", go to folder:
  C:\Users\[ComputerProfileName]\Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Rebirth

* Open "Options.ini" with a base text-editing program like Notepad.
  Search for “MouseControl” and find the entry that looks like this:


* Replace the “0? with a “1? so it looks like this:

* Save the file!.
* Now you can aim and shoot with mouse control enabled in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Easy "The Mind" achievement: 
Defeat Satan (Boss of Sheol) with The Lost to get "The Mind" achievement. Note: Items that 
revive you as a different character (for example, Judas' Shadow or Broken Ankh) will 
disqualify your progress if you die and are revived.

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