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  Hints and Tips for: The Broken Seal 
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 The Broken Seal Cheats

The Broken Seal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by Letramorte

This guide gives an overview of the gameplay, including hints and tips to 
get you started.

Locomotion mode (preferred): move freely with the right stick, or double tap 
the right stick in any direction to 'jump' in that direction. 
This costs mana in the game.

Teleport mode (easy mode): hold left trigger and release to move to the spot 
shown. This makes it very easy to avoid monsters so it affect the realism 
of the game.

-=Giving Commands=-
Hold the right trigger and say:

* 'Show me the package' to open your inventory
* 'Show me the map' to see the map and your quests
* 'Show me the spellbook' to see your spells and upgrade them

Speak clearly. When you're first starting out, you may need to say these a 
couple of times to get them to work. 

As above, speak clearly.

* Complete quests to get new spells
* Hold the right trigger and speak the spell as it's shown in your spellbook
* Practice makes perfect for aiming
* Upgrade spells in your spellbook as your level up your character 
  (this will cost gold after the first level).

-=Examining and Equipping Items=-
* Bring your hand towards an item and hold your right trigger to examine an item
* Press the grip button to equip the item
* Press both the trigger and grip buttons to equip and item immediately
* Item quality is green (basic), blue (moderate), purple (strong)
* Equip gems to boost your stats

-=Buying and Selling Items=-
* Do this in town
* Sell items by moving close to the cauldron with the ‘Sell’ sign on it open your 
  inventory (say ‘show me the package’) take items you want to sell and drop them 
  into the cauldron
* Buy items by taking them off the rack and putting them in your chest

-=Summoning Pets=-
* Find or buy a ‘pet ball’ (transparent orbs with monsters inside)
* Take it to the summoner (dwarf with the monsters behind him)
* Open your inventory (say ‘show me the package’)
* Take your pet ball and bring it to the pedestal
* Note the cost of summoning and make sure you have enough gold
* Drop the ball in the summoner

* A blue beam is the spot where you can complete a quest and gain a new spell
* Use the map to show you your quests
* Defeat the monster
* Return to the camp to collect your reward 
  (it’s best to do this with a portal scroll)

-=Your Belt (Healing and Portals)=-
* Grab the flask (on the right side) and bring it to your mouth to heal
* Grab a portal scroll (on the left site) and drop it to summon a portal 
  back to your base.

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