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  Hints and Tips for: The Crew 2 
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 The Crew 2 Cheats

The Crew 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alien UFO Easter Egg Location – Area 51:
To find Area 51, travel down to the Mountain States region. 
The base is right on the edge of the Mojave Desert, right as you enter 
the Western Shrub-Steppes.

One way to find the base is to start at the “Western Shrub-Steppes” title on 
the map and travel southeast. 

The big silver UFO is walled-off inside the army base.

There doesn’t seem to be any easy way inside, but the UFO is clearly visible 
through the fences. Go into first-person view and look through the uncovered 
exterior to get a good look at this alien oddity.

Before you go pulling your hair out over things like getting reset onto a road 
like 10 miles away from where you were, or just trying to take your rally cross 
vehicle up a mountain over a bunch of rocks. 
Take these tips into consideration:

* Fly to your destination.
* Don't switch to non favorited vehicle (it will reset you to a road that is far 
  far away, or at the bottom of the mountain you just climbed).
* Quick travel to the nearest event and then fly over.
* Take advantage of any wildlife photo ops while you do this, it'll save you a 
  lot of time.

Easy XP, money, and loot boxes:
Play the Jersey City Alpha Grand Prix event, which is unlocked after reaching 
the Star popularity level. It is located next to the Pro Racing HQ. This event 
always gives a loot box for completion. Keep replaying the event, as it only 
takes approximately two minutes to complete. Once you reach Performance Level 
320, change the difficulty from Normal to Hard. On the Hard difficulty, you 
will earn more followers (XP) and money for each race completion. It takes a 
lot of replays to max out your rank, but this method allows you to earn a lot 
of parts, followers, and money quickly. Additionally, this method works for any 
event that is short.

Easy "Ride The Jewels" achievement:
The most expensive car is the Koenigsegg Regera (worth 1,701,700 credits). You 
can get the "Ride The Jewels" achievement using test drive (you do not have to 
buy the car). This can be done at the start of the game, after having unlocked 
the Street Race HQ. Go to "Catalog" -- "Koenigsegg" -- "Regera" -- "HQ". Test 
drive the car. There is a timer during test drives. If you cannot reach the 2 
km in a single test drive, you can do another test drive and it will add towards 
the 2 km total.

Bonus Tip:
Written by Dodcio Challenger

For me i did this like a month ago if you wanna make more money i can tell you 
how i do it for a week its really simple sure it takes a lot of energy and 
patience to do it and at the end if you succeed at it you will have about 
10.000.000 money at the end of the week without spending the money for a week
 that is so heres how i do it:

* A day i do that 4 times a day thats 4 hrs of doing it.
* In a week thats basically over 28 hrs of doing it.
* Then at the end of the week you will get about 1.000.000+ more like i mean a lot of more 
  then 1 Million for me i had like almoust 10 Million so if you sow what i said to you to 
  earn a lot of money know get some energy get a free time and i want you to do this how 
  i do it so you can have a lot of money so you can buy what ya want who knows, but still 
  good luck and thx for reading my guide of how to earn money in 1 hour!

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