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  Hints and Tips for: The Crew 
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 The Crew Cheats

The Crew

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dirt Hot Rod:
Find all 20 parts in the East Coast region to unlock the Dirt Spec Hod Rod at your headquarters.

HuP One Hot Rod:
Find all 20 parts in the Midwest region to unlock the Street Spec Hod Rod at your headquarters.

Tips And Tricks:
* Engage in several activities across the map. There is a lot to explore in the game such as 
  activities that will earn you skill points.
* If you want to keep track of car parts, you should visit the Data Station.
* The Crew encourages you to play co-op with your friends. That is best way to play. This will 
  make sure you earn more experience points, level up and money much faster. For example if a 
  activity is too tough you can tag along with your friends and make the balance tilt in your 
  favor. The best way to do is to make a Crew or join on.
* Participate in Skills Challenges. These come in several form which are: Climb, Escape, Follow,
  Jump, Precision, Scramble, Slalom, and Speed. They are auto-triggered should you pass through 
  them. If completed, you will be awarded with prizes such as vehicle parts.

Golden Plates Challenge Codes:
These Golden Plates Challenges codes will unlock artworks and screens. To begin, login at the 
Ubisoft Golden Plates page. Note: This may only work for European regions.


Loading Saved Data Crash Issue:
If the screen crashes while loading the data already saved the basic solution is to shut down 
the anti virus program in your computer and restart The Crew. 

The Game Loading Issue:
If you are facing issues while loading the game, like if it is loading very slowly or 
sometimes not loading at all the problem must be your router. Try to reset the WiFi router,
check if it is working properly. Restart your Steam. And the last option or the solution 
is to redownlaod the game.

The Disk Write Issue:
If The Crew get stuck at 100% due to Disk write error, it is because of  low space in your
system. Check that you keep enough free space in your computer for downloading. Clean your
 hard drive and run the game once again.

The Crew is totally Stuck:
If the stopping of the game becomes a frequent issue, you may have set the graphic settings
at a higher level which your system cannot handle. Lower your Graphic settings to get rid 
of this issue.

Area 51 and UFO Easter Egg:
While in the Mountain States area, travel to the edge of the Mojave Desert just as you enter 
the Western Shrub-Steppes. There is a small military base north and slightly to the west of 
the Speed Skill 91 challenge. Once there, you can see a large silver UFO inside a fenced-off

General Tips:
* Data Stations are The Crew's version of synchronization points or radio towers. Visit them 
  to unlock more locations on the map.
* You can replay skill challenges for more experience points.
* Don't fret too much over which faction to choose. They don't have any real differences; 
  the game just gives special rewards to the top faction every month.
* Remember to upgrade and customize your car to give yourself an edge in missions.
* You can earn more experience points and money by doing activities together with friends.
  There's a reason the game is called The Crew.

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