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  Hints and Tips for: The Day Online 
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 The Day Online Cheats

The Day Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
-=Downtown Mode=-
* Co-ordinate well with your team early on to rotate from TD 
  Cannons to Lazer Buff.
* Farm jungle creeps and minions to level up.
* Agro jungle creeps and kite them into a pack.
* Contest buffs on enemy side of jungle if possible.
* Always keep an eye on the mini map for buff timers.
* Place wards near entrances or paths to buff camps.
* You can press “Ctrl” and click to ping teammates.
* Contest the TD Turret and TD Boss whenever possible 
  (team objectives).

-=Resource Battle=-
* Stick with your team.
* Check the minimap to see where minions spawn.
* Once you kill a minion only the team member with the orb should return 
  it to the base, the rest should rotate towards the enemy team or new 
* Don’t give up even when losing, sudden death or a good team wipe 
  can turn the match around quickly!
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