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  Hints and Tips for: The Division 2 
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 The Division 2 Cheats

The Division 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* Grenades are a fantastic way to get enemies out from behind cover. Tap the 
  Left button on the D-Pad to ready grenades, and use the Right Trigger to throw 

* Staying in cover is essential to survival in The Division 2. Hit the X button 
  (PlayStation) to take or leave cover, and double tap X to do a defensive roll.

* Move quickly between cover by highlighting the place you’d like to move to and 
  holding the X (A) button.

* Make sure to keep your guns reloaded between encounters so you’ll always be 
  ready for a firefight to break out.

* After completing Conflict matches, you may receive Conflict Caches. These can 
  include all kinds of things, including new equipment.

* Don't be afraid to tackle harder content. You will get wiped but that is ok. 
  Every failure is a lesson. You will be a better agent for it.

* Try all of the weapons to see what feels right for you. Try all the skills for 
  the same reason.

* Lean into the build mechanics early on in the game as that will prepare you 
  for end game.

* Throughout D.C. you’ll find various factions have taken hold of vital control 
points throughout the city. These can be important during The Division 2 as a 
way to fast-travel or as places to hand over gathered supplies in order to earn 
a huge boost of experience points. You’ll also unlock a supply room full of loot 
when you liberate them, as well as progress towards completing certain projects 
in the area which will grant even further rewards such as experience and mods. 
Converting a control point back under your command is not an easy task though – 
especially if you’re playing solo at the time. Fortunately, you can call in some 
nearby allies using your flare gun when you approach the area. We’d strongly 
suggest you do this and wait for the NPC backup to arrive if no other agents are 
in your squad at the time.

* Cancel your Turret when you don’t need it. Cleared out a room? Start your turret 
  cooldown early by holding the button or key that you’ve assigned to call it out 
  (L1 or R1 on PS4).

How does the Skill Mods system work?:
Skill Mods are items found through looting, dedicated to each of the skill platforms.

* They enhance certain skill characteristics like its range or damage.
* To be able to slot in Skill Mods, the character needs to have a certain amount of 
  skill power.
* Skill power unlocks Skill Mods effects, which contribute to making a mod more 
* Each mod has multiple levels of bonuses, which are unlocked by accumulating more 
  skill power on your character.
* To obtain more skill power, you will need to wear specific pieces of equipment 
  that will power it up.

Here is an example of what you could unlock with more skill power for one of the 
Mod Skills of the Turret:

– Once the Turret Firing Mechanism mod is at Tier 1, you will obtain:
+20% damage
+20% battery drain per shot
– After obtaining 10.000 skill power, you will unlock the Tier 2, which will give you:
+10% critical strike chance (default value is 0)
– At Tier 3 (20.000 skill power), the mod will gain:
+100% stagger bonus

How to Apply a Mod?:
To apply a mod:

* Head to your Inventory and highlight the item of your choice.
* Press the corresponding key/button to enter the Mod option.
* Navigate through the different slots to check if you can attach a mod to your item.
* If there is no Select option, it means that this slot doesn’t have any modding 
  availability yet.
* If a slot can be modded, press the Select key/button to see the list of available 
* Select the mod you would like to apply to your item.
* Remember to check out the negative stats as well!

Editing Ban List:
1.Navigate to {Server Install Directory}/Outlaws/Saved
2.Open or create file ?“BanList.txt”
3.Remove or insert SteamIDs separated by new lines.

Unlocking and joining clans:
To unlock the Clan menu at your base, successfully complete two Theater Settlement main 
story missions. Then, return to the Theater Settlement and talk to Larson to recruit 
her. She will then be sent back to your main base at the White House. You can fast 
travel back to the White House to talk to her, or access the Clan tab from the main menu.
The menu unlocks after she has been recruited. To join a clan, access the Clan menu from
the main menu. Select "Options", "Search Clans", enter the name of the clan you want to 
join, and apply. You can get special rewards like items and cosmetics for joining a clan.

Easy loot and money:
This trick allows you to collect a lot of loot daily that you can either keep (rarely), 
or sell/deconstruct for parts. As you progress through the story, complete every Control
Point. Note: Control Points become harder at Level 30, after finishing the story. As you
capture Control Points, you will unlock Supply Rooms, which contain multiple chests. 
There is one weapon and one piece of gear in every supply room. There are 2-4 Control 
Points in every region of the map, which you can fast travel to. The Supply Rooms will
resupply every 24 hours (real time). Fast travel to as many Supply Rooms as desired 
and collect the loot. Then, repeat the process after the Supply Rooms resupply in 24

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