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  Hints and Tips for: The Endless Journey 
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 The Endless Journey Cheats

The Endless Journey

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by No Icon

A minimal guide to completing The Endless Journey, so that you may 
experience this beautiful game for yourself.

To fully understand the story, it is recommended to talk to everyone and 
do some exploring before proceeding (especially in Chapter 3). You can 
turn on hints for an idea of what you can interact with. 
The maps are pretty linear and easy to explore. This guide won't tell you 
exactly how to get to every place, but will provide guidance as to where 
to go and what to look for (eg: general store is the store with the 
random stuff).
The numbering corresponds to objects from left to right. You can also 
choose to skip a puzzle without consequence other than missing an 
Most achievements are straight-forward and can be obtained by simply 
progressing through the game.
Trophy item locations are also not included. They are not difficult to 
find, and it's more fun to look for them yourself.

-=Prologue: Train Station
* Examine the ticket window.
* Talk to Cosette.
* Drag money to ticket window.
* Pick up ticket under the bench.
* Talk to the man.
* Give the ticket to the man.

-=Chapter 1: Forest
* Gather 9 acorns that are lying around this screen 
* Examine the sign on the ground 
* Drag the sign to the broken post. Choose the upper right option. 

* Try to cross the bridge 
* Examine tree next to bridge 

* Examine the door 
* Examine the bell 

* Talk to the woodcutter 
* Talk to the sprite(?) with the blue hat. Go left. 
* Examine the cat twice. Choose the doll. 

* Give the acorns to the sprite. 

* Talk to the woodcutter 
* Take the axe 
* Drag axe onto loose branch on the log 
* Drag branches and the matches onto the campfire spot. 

* Go up at the gate 
* Examine the pile of hay, give it to the donkey. 

-=If you choose steal:
* Take the lantern on the house, go down 
* Drop it into the hole in the ground 
* Examine the feathers to the left 

-=If you choose to craft:
* Pick up the small can under the wheelbarrow. 
* Pick up the scissors, drag scissors to the cloth in the cart. 
* Examine the sheep. 
* Pick up bucket, drag it to the river. 
  Also drag the small can onto the river. 
* Give bucket to the sheep. 
* Return to the first screen and examine the black bird. 
* Give it the spoon. 
* Return to the camp. Use small can of water on campfire.
* Examine the campfire spot for a puzzle. 
* Give jacket to the little sprite.
* Give the pipe to the woodcutter.
* Talk to woodcutter using speech bubble. 

* Examine the blue bird in the tree.
* Examine hole in the tree for a puzzle violin, lute, drum, sing. 
* Give the worm to the bird.

-=Chapter 2: Town
* Examine the book on ground 
* Pick up the bag on the ground near the door 
* Pick up bottle near the well 
* Examine bucket and pick up the yellow rock 
* Talk to Julian, follow him 
* Examine the basket near the stairs 
* Exit and go right 
* Talk to the girl, return to the inn 
* Pick up the key on the ground near the piano 
* Go upstairs and talk to the man. Give him the key 
* Go right. Talk to Valjean 

* Check on the cat 
* Talk to Valjean outside the church 
* Examine the clocks in the church, go through the door 
* Examine the statue 
* Examine the blackboard 
* Talk to Valjean outside the church 
* Try to go left, then return to the previous screen 
* Go right and up, then left. Try to go left again. 
  Return to the previous screen 
* Examine the rooster outside the yard 
* Go to the general store, examine the mouse hole. Play a mini game. 
* Give the egg to the chickens, pick up the broken egg 
* Return to the graveyard via the church, give broken egg to the dog 
* Give sausage to the dog by the grave. 
* Return to graveyard, examine the grave that the father and son 
  are standing in front of. 
* Set the 3rd church clock 7:19 

* Go to the bakery, talk to the baker 
* Talk to the man with the pipe 
* Talk to the little girl outside her house 
* Talk to the man with the pipe again 
* Give basket to the baker 
* Return to inn and drag the basket into the chilli sauce 
* Give basket to the baker 
* Examine the cloth next to the water jug, drag it to the oven 
* Examine the open door 
* Set the 4th church clock 5:05 

* Go to the general store and check the clock 
* Talk to the old man outside 
* Take the crate next to the general store 
* Take the board near the bakery window 
* Examine the mouse near the bag of trash 
* Examine the donkey 
* Enter the church 
* Go through the door, examine the horse statue and scissors on the 
* Go to the general store, take the bandages and medicine on the counter 
* Drag bandages onto broomstick outside 
* Drop medicine into basket on top of crate next to the trash 
* Examine the donkey twice, use the scissors on the rope 
* Take the barrel 
* Check the mouse hole in the general store. Complete a puzzle. 
* Go back into the general store, check the barrel 
* Talk to the shopkeeper 
* Drag the cage onto the barrel 
* Give cage to shopkeeper 
* Use the item received on the first church clock 

* Talk to Julian at the inn 
* Check the box on the table and complete a puzzle 24531 
* Set the 2nd church clock 10:14 

* Go upstairs at the inn and examine the painting for a puzzle 
* Use the item received on the church last clock 

* Talk to the men outside the graveyard 
* Talk to the men outside the house with the chickens 
* Talk to the little girl outside her house 
* Return to the house with the chickens. Go left 
* Examine the scarf. Choose the doll. Give the scarf to the dog 
* Leave the screen and come back 
* Talk to priest outside inn 
* Head right and talk to Ivry (the blonde boy), follow him 
* Talk to guy outside the inn 
* Examine the flags on the ground 
* Take the ladder 
* Use the ladder on tree right of the graveyard 
* Talk to Valjean and examine the pile of parts on the ground. 
* Play the mini game. 
  (If you've played PRICE, you'd be familiar with what's happening) 
* Check the suitcase and place the 5 items on the circle 
  (you may have to walk 
  closer to the circle to place them) 

* Talk to Iva (the blonde girl) near the well 
* Set the 5th church clock 12:28 
* Go through the door and check the statue 
* Go through the door and check the bible 
* Return to inn and give the page to Valjean 

* Go to general store and talk to the owner Receiving the loop 
  of string is important in getting the ideal ending 
* Check the well, memorize the pattern 
* Go to church and rearrange the books on the right shelf blue, red, 
  yellow, green, purple 
* Return to screen to the right of the graveyard. Pick up the stick 
  on the ground and drag it to the acorn in the tree, select Lute. 

* Go to the bakery, pick up cat doll lying near the trash on the way. 
* Check the bowl on the table near Lute 
* Examine flour, drag it to the bowl 
* Pick up the cloth next to Drum, use it on the bowl then drop it 
  onto the tray 
* Drag tray into the oven 
* Select Sanger 
* Drag the hair onto the tray. 

* For the unhappy ending, go straight to Valjean's room at the inn.

-=For the happy ending:
* Return to general store, talk to boy, give him the string. 
  Talk to Lute 
* Visit the graveyard, pick the flower and place it on Lina's grave. 
  Talk to Drum 
* Go to the house to the right of the graveyard. Knock the gate three 
  times. Talk to Sanger 
* Talk to the little girl outside her house. Give her the cat doll. 
* Talk to Serenade. 
* Talk to Valjean at the inn

-=Chapter 3: Mansion
* Talk to Cosette 
* Pick up a pile of wood and 6 sticks on this screen 
* Talk to Cosette in the house 
* Drop the wood and sticks into the fireplace. Examine fireplace 
* Talk to Cosette 
* Talk to Lute twice 
* Talk to Sanger, then Lute. Select Lute 
* Talk to Serenade twice, select Lute 
* Pick up the crank/key from ground use on door 'e' 
* Head to the right of the room 
* Pick up matches from bookshelf, use on the candle 
* Examine the door for a puzzle. 11 right, 4 left, 7 right, 11 right 

* Examine poster on the wall three times 
* Head right If you don't reach the cupboard fast enough, you will 
  die and receive an achievement 
* Examine the item on the pipe near the door. Select Serenade 
* Drag item onto the scales on the right side of the room. 
  Check the scales for a puzzle Cosette, Drum and Serenade in one, 
  Lute and Sanger in the other 
* Hit the switch on the wall If you fail to stop the lift from going 
  back up, you will die here 

* Open the large metal grill on the left side of the room for a key 
* Pick up the knife from the plate 
* Examine the box on the table for a puzzle purple, red, yellow 
* Examine the smaller white vessel under the kitchen bench 
* Use the key on the drawer under the dials, remember the tune 
* Examine the big pot on the stove. Recreate the tune 21453 
* Check the newly opened compartment, use the knife on the tray 
* Examine the scales with the papers on it for a puzzle. 
  Input the answers on the dials underneath 5416 
* Examine the notice board 
* Examine the book near Sanger twice 
* Use the green blob and the cards on the notice board 
* Examine the book again If you've triggered the unhappy ending, 
  you will lose Lute and Sanger here. 

* Examine the feather duster, use on the orb thing. Go right 
* Examine the penholder left of the pile of books 
* Examine panel next to the lake, use the screwdriver on the  
  statue. Go right 
* Examine the stag's antler, select Drum 
* Take the thing in the vase on the bookshelf 
* Use the pieces on the bird. Go right 
* Examine the whale. Play a mini-game 
* Pick up the object and use it on the chest of drawers 

* Examine the piece of paper on the ground 
* Examine the apparatus 44553 66343 

* Pick up the paint pallet on the floor 
* Examine the single object on the highest shelf, select Serenade 
* Examine the first pot on the second lowest shelf 
* Examine the cloth-covered table 
* Use the jug on the pile of cloth on the floor 
* Use the scrap of cloth on the largest painting 
* Examine the flower painting 3 times 
* Make paint, use on the first painting 
* Make paint, use on the second painting 
* Give the strip of cloth to the old guy, then use it on the 4th painting 
* Make paint, use on 7th painting 
* Examine the large painting, pick up scroll 
* Use handle on switch on right wall 

* If you've triggered the Unhappy Ending, the game will end here.

-=Happy Ending:
* Talk to Sanger 
* Examine the drum next to the skeleton. Play the mini game You can die 
  here if you are hit too many times 
* Talk to Valjean and leave the house 
* If you have found and read all of Leone's letters, you can examine the 
  flower to the right to trigger a cutscene and an achievement.

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