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  Hints and Tips for: The Forest 
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 The Forest Cheats

The Forest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Written by xXNotKrustyKrabXx

The Forest has a couple of commands. Now you have to discover them.

Type developermodeon in the main menu and press F1 to see if it works. 
You will see a box at the top of the screen right near what writes the forest.
Then make a new game and go into a world. Skip the intro if you want.
Press F1 while in the game. There. You done it. 
Now there will be a list of commands ill provide you.

Code                 Effect
buildermode on/off - Turns off survival and enemies and enables godmode and buildhack.
cavelight on/off   - Makes daylight from outside appear from the cave.
faststart on/off   - Skips plane crash.
godmode on/off     - Cannot die, unlimated stamina. and never get thirsty or hungry.
buildhack on/off   - Unlimited resources and quick building.
cancelallghosts    - Removes every blueprint. 
                     (warning. this is very loud if you have alot).
buildallghosts     - Builds all blueprints 
                     (warning. its also very loud if you have alot).
addallitems        - Adds every item from the game but story items. 
                     Do twice to fill stick bags and etc.
addallstoryitems   - Adds story items such as key cards.
itemhack on/off    - Never run out of items. must get items first.
survival on/off    - No need to eat and drink etc.
save               - Saves game where your standing.
speedyrun on/off   - Run fast. but dont die from it.
invisible on/off   - You can walk/run in water like air. no blood particles.
killallenemies     - Kills canibals and mutants. they respawn though.
enemies on/off     - Turns off enemies.
additem 77         - Adds live rabbit.
forcerain heavy    - Makes it rain. good for water collectors.
forcerain sunny    - Makes it stop raining. good for bad storms.
cutdowntrees 10    - Cuts down 10 trees. you can choose any number.
cutdowntrees 100%  - Just like cutdowntrees 10. but its a percentage.
cutgrass 10        - Cuts grass in a 10 radius. 
                     can be a long time to load if a larger size is chosen.

How to Found The Artifact Legit:
To be able to obtain the artefact without cheating it is very simple! It is enough 
to go to the second artefact, to look on your right, there is a computer which shows 
a message in red, activate it, it is going to switch off the artefact, (you will 
never save Timmy) then, you can perceive by wanting to bring out a rope, hold this 
location, now go out of the cave (in the passage you will unlock the tab family in 
the survival book), go in the boat and open the door ho is locked with one of the 
keycards that you found in the laboratory, take the small artefact on the bed, 
return at the rope in the cave of the end of the game, go down and put the artefact 
in the pedestal, TADDAAAA!

* When the artefact is activated red (left click) the cannibals are attracted.
* When the artefact is activated blue (right click) the cannibals are fear of it.

Unlimited Items:
Find an item that you want to duplicate. Hold a stick and turn it into a weak spear.
Now pick up the desired item and you'll have an unlimited quantity at your disposal.

The Calm Forest (v0.0.3):
On the title screen, type in veganmode and you can play without fearing attacks 
from cannibals. When you save your progress and play again without that mode 
activated, you'll retain any items and your structures will remain in place.

No cannibals:
Type veganmode at the title screen (v0.0.3) to play without cannibal attacks.
Note: When you save your progress and play again without the code activated, 
you will keep your items and your structures will remain intact.

Disable Active Cheats:
Type in meatmode in the title menu and you'll cancel any other cheats that you may 
have activated previously.

Nocturnal Enemies:
Enemies will only appear at night if you type in vegetarianmode on the title screen.

Hidden "vegan" mode:
At the main screen, type "veganmode" (without the quotes). This removes all enemies 
from the game, and changes the title screen.

Avoiding Enemies:
The mutants at the beginning of the game do not realize you are there. If you 
stay away from them or throw a rock in the opposite direction to distract them,
then they will not attack you. If you build something, the mutants will take 
notice and investigate. Once an enemy sees you, either kill them or wait and 
deal with the rest. 

Food supply:
If you are having trouble finding food, try and find a pond. There are usually
fish in them and a spear near it to fish. The fish are constantly replaced, 
usually a day between spawns, and is a good supply of food for beginners. 

Kill enemies faster:
The plane ax you get in the beginning of the game takes a while to kill mutants.
Combine booze and cloth to get molotovs and kill them in one hit.

Preventing enemies from getting inside your base:
When building your base, set it up where there are no trees above it. The mutants
can climb trees and thus drop into your base. Also, use defensive walls to keep 
mutants out and barricades to prevent the walls from being destroyed. Usually, 
near the coast is a great place.

Enemies only at night:
Type vegetarianmode at the title screen. 

Cancel all other cheats:
Type meatmode at the title screen (v0.13) to cancel any active cheats.

Indestructible Buildings:
You won't have to worry about anyone destroying your buildings if you type in 
ironforest on the title screen.

Iron Forest:
Type ironforest, no caps or spaces, into the main menu to activate a cheat which 
makes your own player-built structures -not counting fire-structures like stick 
fires or fire pits- entirely indestructible.

Bloody Forest:
If you type in rawmeatmode at the title screen, you'll enable permadeath mode, 
which deletes your save when you die. You can toggle it back off by entering the
code for a different mode.

Regrow Mode:
At the title screen, type in regrowmode to activate or deactivate the effect. When 
it is enabled, 10% of the trees you have chopped down will grow back overnight. In 
a multiplayer game, the effect is only in place if enabled by the host. Stumps will
turn back into trees as part of the effect, but you can prevent that from happening
by eliminating stumps in locations where you don't want the trees to return.

Reset Holes:
Start a game and type in woodpaste to reset the floor and roof holes in a saved 
game. The effect will reset when you return to the title screen, and has no effect
on multiplayer clients.

Iron Forest:
Type ironforest, no caps or spaces, into the main menu to activate a cheat which 
makes your own player-built structures -not counting fire-structures like stick 
fires or fire pits- entirely indestructible.

Vegetarian Mode:
Type vegetarianmode, no caps or spaces, into the main menu to activate a cheat 
which causes enemies to only raid/attack during nighttime.

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