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 The Forest Cheats

The Forest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited Items:
Find an item that you want to duplicate. Hold a stick and turn it into a 
weak spear. Now pick up the desired item and you'll have an unlimited
quantity at your disposal.

The Calm Forest (v0.0.3):
On the title screen, type in veganmode and you can play without fearing 
attacks from cannibals. When you save your progress and play again without
that mode activated, you'll retain any items and your structures will 
remain in place.

No cannibals:
Type veganmode at the title screen (v0.0.3) to play without cannibal attacks.
Note: When you save your progress and play again without the code activated, 
you will keep your items and your structures will remain intact.

Disable Active Cheats:
Type in meatmode in the title menu and you'll cancel any other cheats that 
you may have activated previously.

Nocturnal Enemies:
Enemies will only appear at night if you type in vegetarianmode on the title 

Hidden "vegan" mode:
At the main screen, type "veganmode" (without the quotes). This removes all
enemies from the game, and changes the title screen.

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