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  Hints and Tips for: The Islander 
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 The Islander Cheats

The Islander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basics Guide + Achievements:
Written by LivingLitch

In this guide I will go over the games controls, mechanics, and offer tips 
for getting all of the achievements.

In the top left from left to right.

* Money counter
* Island level
* Design multiplier

In the middle right

* Harvest 
  The player only needs to drag the mouse over the selected item to harvest 
  from it.
* Drag item 
  If an item is misplaced or the player wishes to move it for any reason click 
  this icon.
* Delete/Demolish 
  If an item is no longer needed or trees/rocks are in the players way this 
is the tool to use. 

In the bottom center is the edit/place menu. 
This menu is minimized down the blue icon when not in use. From left to right.

* Crops
* Bushes
* Trees
* Animal Pens
* Roads
* Fences
* Design
* Tools

In the bottom right is the menu which contains options for changing the resolution, 
disabling music or sound, changing the language, changing the mouse from right to 
left handed, loading or saving the island, restarting the island, or returning the 
main menu.

* Zoom in E/Mouse wheel up
* Zoom out Q/Mouse wheel down
* Pan the Camera W,A,S,D/Middle mouse click and drag.
* Center camera on house is Space bar
* Place items/interact with menus is left click
* Back out of menus is right click.

-=Game Mechanics=-
The game mechanics of The Islander are overall simple.

Plant crops or build animal pens for income. Harvest crops or animal pens manually or 
with the automated help of cocobots. Harvest enough to level up the island. Leveling 
up is based off of gold gathered rather then what is harvested.

Use the harvester icon to harvest plants manually at level one or from level two onward 
build an army of cocobots for faster harvesting while planting. There does not seem 
to be any drawbacks from using cocobots instead of harvesting manually.

Each level unlocks a new crop to plant. Each new crop or item placed will increase in 
price exponentially like most clicker games. Wheat starts at 4 coins but after placing 
several of them it will start to get into the thousands. 

Increase the design multiplier to sell items at increased prices thus leveling faster
 Each design item adds 1 point to the design experience bar for each square it takes 
up. All items put out the same amount of experience as others so spam away but keep 
the price in mind. It might look ugly but its better to mix roads and fences then to 
keep using the same type over and over. The max design multiplier is 10.

The achievement are easy to get and can all be completed in a short three hours.

Achievements are divided into three categories.

* Normal Island
* Random Island
* Doesn't Matter

*Normal Island Achievments

Expansion - Buy a total of 100 island expansions
Start a normal island, harvest like normal. The available option is avalible on the 
tools tab next to the cocobots and can be bought at any level. If the grid is lined 
up to the closest portion of the island owned as possible, this will require buying 
half of the map.

*Random Island Achievements
* Miner - Break a total of 250 rocks
*Lumberjack - Cut down 250 trees

These can both be accomplished at the same time. Use the demolish tool on rocks and 
trees to remove them. This can be done right at the start. Trees and rocks currently 
serve no purpose other than to block the players progression on a random island where
as buying new land on a normal island halts progression. Big trees and rocks take 3-4
clicks to remove, small ones are one click. It is not possible to click and drag to 
get rid of small rocks.

*Doesn't Matter
Small Business - Have at least 1000 Gold
Corporation - Have at least 100K Gold
Conglomerate - Have at least 1M Gold

The best way to complete these is to ensure the design multiplier is maxed out.

Novice - Reach Level 5 in a Single Run
Intermediate - Reach Level 10 in a Single Run
Expert - Reach Level 20 in a Single Run

As explained earlier, leveling is based off of coins earned. 
Again, keep the design multiplier maxed for fastest results.

Peasant - Plant a total of 25 Crops
Grower - Plant a total of 100 Crops
Agriculturalist - Plant a total of 250 Crops
Garden - Plant a total of 25 Bushes
Park - Plant a total of 100 Bushes
Heath - Plant a total of 250 Bushes
Woodland - Plant a total of 25 Trees
Forest - Plant a total of 100 Trees
Jungle - Plant a total of 250 Trees
Animal House - Buy a total of 25 Animals
Farm - Buy a total of 100 Animals
Ranch - Buy a total of 250 Animals
Decorator - Build a total of 100 Decorations
Designer - Build a total of 250 Decorations
Architect - Build a total of 750 Decorations

Essentially, these are all the same achievement but under different categories. They are 
all easy to complete. Build/plant enough to get to level 20 to have a constant supply of 
gold. Max the design multiplier. Set aside a section of the island where crops/pens can 
be placed and removed without worrying about them. Remove all of the basic plants/pens to 
lower their cost. Place 15-25 at a time depending on space and income. After the cocobots 
harvest one round of them, remove and replant. Itís possible to it faster without the one 
round of harvesting but this ensures the games internal counter gets it all.

Bird Watcher - Catch a total of 100 Parrots
Marine Biologist - Catch a total of 100 Starfish
Fisherman - Catch a total of 100 Fish

These three achievements are the most boring as they require the player to be active. 
There is a trick however. The game indicates when each new parrot, starfish, or fish 
spawns by playing a sound and each appears in a set way. The best way to get them is to 
zoom out to max and play on the highest resolution. 

The parrot screeches onto the screen and flies horizontally. It can spawn outside of the 
light blue ocean area but it can be clicked on in the dark blue area.

The starfish makes a bubbling sound and only appears on the dark sandy shore area. 
It will not move up and down the shore but it will pulsate after a while before it 

The fish is worst one to deal with. It makes a splash sound when it spawns and can 
spawn in any part of the ocean, light blue or dark blue. it jumps in an arc. 
If missed on its first appearance the player must wait to see where it jumps out again 
to click it. It makes 4-6 arcs before it disappears for good.

Robo-Island - Buy a total of 200 Cocobots

I recommend getting this one in two or three games. As with everything the price 
increases exponentially. At 91 cocobots the next one will cost 58.4k.At 114 cocobots 
a new one will cost 523k.

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