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  Hints and Tips for: The Kite 
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 The Kite Cheats

The Kite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Starting in the living room
1. Speak to the kid.
2. Pick up the Jam jar over TV and the pliers/wirecutters from the table
3. Go to the kitchen
4. Open the box on the counter and pick up the bread slice.
5. Use bread with jam or viceversa.
6. Deliver the food to the kid.

Starting in the livingroom.
1. Click the bottom of the screen to head to the doorway.
2. Open the door.
3. Head to the kitchen and speak to the husband.
4. Head back to the doorway and interact with the coat to get the paper.
5. Solve the puzzle by picking the missing groups of 3 numbers that add up to 19. 
   (you can look at the russian guide for the numbers)
6. Deliver the solved paper to the husband.
7. Speak to him and then pour his beer down the drain (sink).

Starting in the kitchen
1. Pick up the bowl from the ground and matches from the drawer.
2. Place the bowl on the sink and fill it (just take it after a second).
3. Light the burners and place the bowl with water on them.
4. Take the boiling water and open the fridge.
5. Use the boiling water to thaw out the knife and take it.
6. Remove the utensils from the bar and use the knife to unscrew it from the wall.
7. Use the bar in the slit at the bottom of the door to unbar it.

Starting just outside the apartment.
1. Pick up first box over the bicycle.
2. Pick up plank near the stairs and use it on the trash chute before going up the 
   stairs to the roof.
3. Speak to the fat man.
4. Pick up the second box behind the panel in front of you.
5. Go to the entrance and pick up the third box.
6. Speak to the old man.
7. Place the 3 boxes so the cat has only one position available and click on him.
8. Pick up the camera box and go to the roof.
9. Take a photo of the fat man and drop it down the chute.
10. Go down to your floor and pick up the photo from the plank.
11. Give the photo to the old man outside.
12. Give the cigarrette to the fat man and access the roof.

Starting on the roof.
1. Pick up the ladder.
2. Try to interact with the antenna closest to the man.
3. Head to the building entrance and interact with the car.
4. Head back to the roof and use the knife on the antenna.
5. Aproach the kite in the background.
6. Leave the roof and then the building
   (click at the bottom of the screen from the entrance).

Starting from the crossing.
1. Go back to the apartment building and using the wirecutter get 2 pieces of 
   wire from the button behind where the hooligans were standing.
2. If you don’t have the ladder pick it up from the roof.
3. Pick up the crowbar near the trashcan.
4. Using the crowbar open the electric panel on the left.
5. Place the ladder by the stoplight and click on the stoplight.
6. Open the case and take the lightbulb.
7. Combine each wire with the other of the same color.
8. Place wires on the top bulb socket connecting it to the second socket.
9. Place bulb in the second slot and close the case.
10. Cross the street.

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