The Legends of Owlia Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Legends of Owlia 
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 The Legends of Owlia Cheats

The Legends of Owlia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Submarine Boss Tip:
During the boss aboard the submarine, stand to the left of the middle barrel 
in the bottom row, hugging the barrel and the wall. From this position, you 
will be unable to be hit by any of the boss's attacks! Furthermore, from this 
position you can still sometimes attack tentacles by using your Shield tech; 
thus, to win this fight without risking any damage, simply stand in this 
position and repeatedly use the Shield tech for a while!

Final Dungeon Owl Puzzles:
At the start of the game, the game gives you a hint for the owl puzzles in 
the final dungeon: they might appear in the order "RYPP" or "RPPY". R and Y 
represent red and yellow respectively but the game doesn't tell you which P's 
represent purple or pink - the final dungeon also has two such puzzles so it 
becomes difficult to discern not only which order to use for which puzzle, 
but also how to resolve the purple/pink discrepancy.

For the first room of the dungeon with the owl statues in the corners, the 
solution is red, yellow, purple, pink. For a later room with the owls in a 
diamond pattern, the order is red, purple, pink, yellow. (These are in a 
left-to-right, top-to-bottom order.) Hitting the owl statues with the Homing
or Rush techs will cycle through the colors in order. To hit the easternmost 
statue in the diamond pattern, use a Bomb.

These passwords grant you 100,000 GP, and 7 each of bombs, lanterns, and health 
power-ups (the max of each). 100,000 GP is sufficient to get through the game 
without the need for grinding. Beyond that, each password will take you to a 
specific location in the game.

Password              Effect
GCSKIHKSFW	-Part 1 - Forest	
GASKIHKSFW	-Part 1 - Forest Dungeon	
GAVSIHKSFW	-Part 1 - Forest Dungeon Boss	
GCSKIHKRFW	-Part 1 - Hometown	
GCSKIHKTFW	-Part 2 - Tundra	
GASKIHKTFW	-Part 2 - Tundra Dungeon	
GA3SIHKTFW	-Part 2 - Tundra Dungeon Boss	
GCSKIHKUFW	-Part 3 - Mountain	
GASKIHKUFW	-Part 3 - Mountain Dungeon	
GBMSIHKUFW	-Part 3 - Mountain Dungeon Boss	
GCSKIHKVFW	-Part 4 - Island	
GASKIHKVFW	-Part 4 - Island Dungeon	
GBMSIHKVFW	-Part 4 - Island Dungeon Boss	
GCSKIHKWFW	-Part 5 - Harbor	
GASKIHKWFW	-Part 5 - Submarine	
GCSKIHKXFW	-Part 6 - Final Dungeon Exterior	
GASKIHKXFW	-Part 6 - Final Dungeon Interior	
GBNSIHKXFW	-Part 6 - Final Dungeon's Boss

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