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  Hints and Tips for: The Long Journey Home 
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 The Long Journey Home Cheats

The Long Journey Home

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Do quests if you can. They often yield 300-500 credits and are fun! 
  Do tylenium deliveries. With the Discovery, the gate will always be 
  only one jump away and a full hold full of that stuff yields roughly 
  700 credits.
* Beware though, that the random generator may designate a gate of a 
  species that hates your guts. In that case, you canít complete the quest.
* Donít get fooled by the MedKit. Most medical items will cure exactly 
  one affliction and itís random. So if you got three burns and one 
  scratch, chances are, your nano-gel will remove the scratch.
* Diplomacy is pretty simple and it takes very few steps to change your 
  reputation in either direction. Wolphax and Reeve are pretty easygoing
  and should be your friends in no time. Which means thereís a huge 
  chance you get presents upon leaving their ports.
* Each species has enforcers that scan you for contraband. They all 
  have different opinions what qualifies as such. In case of contraband, 
  your reputation suffers, they may attack you or simply prompt you to 
  hand it over.
* If you know what theyíre looking for, you can still consume it before 
  answering their call. Sadly, you canít just jettison non-consumables.
* If you have a Seed that doesnít feature slave trade, this can get 
  annoying as passengers sometimes qualify as slaves, even though 
  theyíre survivors you just rescued. Since you canít get rid of them, 
  you will auto-aggro certain species when they scan you. Super annoying.
* Avoid the small energy ships that talk in binary and gibberish. If you 
  show them certain things or say the wrong words, they will aggro. Their
  storyline is cool, but their ships are really small and dish out insane
  damage. The usual tactic does not apply due to their size, so be very 
  cautious if you choose to fight them.
* Last but not least, you can totally savescum this game and you should.
  It goes out of its way to make things unfair and exhausting for you,
  so alt+f4 whenever you feel like it. This will reset encounters, planet
  descents, system jumps and mod-damage roulette. It will, however, not 
  reroll curio checks or loot.
* Do not, I repeat do NOT DO THIS when your hull drops to 0. Use the 
  games inherent rewind feature in that case. Otherwise you will lose 
  your autosave and have to start all over.

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