The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game 
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 The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game Cheats

The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Palantir Views:
Written by stmack

So Palantir Views are one of the least understood and most powerful rewards 
you can get in the LotR DLCG, let's break down why.

First of all, once you get going they're fairly plentiful. You get some to 
start depending on your bundle, you get one every time you buy a Hero Pack 
and then you get one for every new Hero you score 250pts with on a quest for 
the first time. Right now, there are 8 Heroes and 5 Quests, so a total of 40 
Palantir views up for grabs this way. But as the pool of Heroes grows and 
campaigns get added, this will lead to a ton of available "PV"s to gain. For 
example, at the end of EA there will supposedly be 20 Heroes and 15 quests, 
that's 300 Palantir Views you can win just by beating quests!

Now what's so good about them you ask? They give two rewards, one is always 
a card from your "Valor Card" pool, ie ones that are available for you to 
purchase with valor. This means no duplicates of cards you already have 2x 
of, and no cards from Hero Packs you haven't unlocked. The second is usually 
more VP! though sometimes you can get cosmetic items as well.

Now back to the Valor Card part cause this is the most important. If you buy 
all your commons and uncommons with valor, which are fairly cheap, before you 
use your Palantir Views, you'll be guaranteed a Rare or a Legendary. This means 
each Palantir View can be made to be worth 1500vp or more, just from the first 
card reward! 

So as tough as it can be to be patient, I recommend saving these up, you don't 
want to be getting cards worth 375vp when you can manipulate the card pool to 
force them to give you cards worth 3000vp, that's almost 10x the value!

Anyway, hopefully it's apparent why PVs are important now but if not feel free 
to ask questions below and I'll try and help clarify. Happy questing!

Quest 1.1 on Easy with Starter Deck:
Written by bluesapphyre

Basic Walkthrough for the first quest using just the starter deck on easy. This 
is just for people who want to experience the story and not interested in playing 
at higher difficulties, or for people learning the game and just trying to get the 
basics down.

-=Part #0=-
Mulligan. Iím looking for 1-2 cost allies and will mulligan anything else away.

-=Part #1=-
Sauron begins with 4 enemies in play, 2 with guard, and a hazard-Glint of Steel. 
The goal is to either kill the enemies or clear the hazard. The fate bar has 2 
events I want to trigger, the first at 2 fate-Lembas and the second at 7 fate-Gloin. 
Iíll try to open with a 2-cost ally like Veteran Axehand or Ithilien Lookout. This 
will pass priority to Sauron who gets a free attack but I can guard my ally to 
force the attack and get Gimliís ability to trigger. Then I can guard with Gimli 
and Aragorn to force more attacks. And Iíll be using Arwen to fill up that fate 
meter. I want to get Gloin as soon as possible. If things go well, youíll have 
Gloin and Lembas by the time you clear out the spiders and can travel. Donít forget 
to use all your characters to either guard or fill up the fate meter before you 

-=Part #2=-
The goal here is to clear the hazard. I want Sting on Aragorn. With his power, he 
can clear spiders easily. In the fate bar, I really want to use Arwen to grab the 
mirkwood water before I leave. Use Gloin and Aragorn to soak attacks with guard. 
Keep playing guys to the board and guarding up. Use Gimli to kill enemies before 
they can attack if you have a guard up, or use guard on him.

-=Part #3=-
So your only goal here is to kill Kirous. This is why we wanted the Mirkwood Water. 
Immediately use it on him and go to town wailing on him. I also want to grab 
Grimbeorn before I leave this location. Arwen should be able to grab it in 1-2 
turns. If you can get Grimbeorn in 1 turn, itíll clear Kirous and you can pass by 
in a single round.

-=Part #4=-
This is the final encounter. The goal is just to clear the enemies. With Grimbeorn, 
you should be able to do this easily. Arwen can be used to free Wilelk. Between 
Grimbeornís Stalwart and Wilelkís Stalwart, clearing the enemies is cake. If you 
came into this stage with a large board, you can clear the spiders even before 
freeing Wilelk.

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