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  Hints and Tips for: The Ultimatest Battle 
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 The Ultimatest Battle Cheats

The Ultimatest Battle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ninja Loadouts and Counters:
Written by vur_gac

This guide is for players that don't know what to equip for their ninja loadout.

-=Ninja Basics=-
Ninja can be the strongest class if you use it correctly and will punish you 
if you act carelessly. Generally ninja is a melee class but has some effective 
ranged attacks and traps.

+ Ninja can wall jump and easly reach locations that is hard to reach for 
  other classes.
+ Ninja can dodge most of the attacks with high agility.
+ Ninja can easly reach the other side of the map.

- Ninja is one of the weak weakest classes in the game and can die in only 
  two hit.
- Ninja can be really hard with no ammo.

-=Main Weapons=-
Main weapons are great to make an opportunity for you to attack the target 
or escape. To use them correctly you need to know what they do and how can 
you use them.

Shuriken: Shuriken is given at the start and can be annoying to counter but 
isn't that effective. Shuriken is mostly used by new players because there 
is a upgraded version of it Dot3 Shuriken.

Dot3 Shuriken: Dot3 Shuriken is the most annoying thing that you can ever 
see.You throw three shurikens that have their own effect (Burn/Poisoned/Bleeding).

Kunai of Disappearances: Kunai of Disappearances is the most used main weapon 
for ninja.When you throw it you will go with the kunai and when a projectile 
hits it it will only get knocked back and when it hits your target it deals 
damage.Its great for killing enemy one at a time and escaping.

Kunai Transposer: Kunai Transposer is like Kunai of Disappearances but will 
only transport you when it hits an enemy.It will transfer your penalties to 
the enemy too.

Kunai Teleporter: Kunai Teleporter is the only kunai that you can use without 
going anywhere and you can use it more than other kunais but it will do less 
damage.You can teleport to the kunai you threw in 3.5 seconds.

Net: Net is good to use against other ninjas.It will capture the target and 
won't let the target move for while.

-=Secondary Weapons=-
Ninja's secondary weapons are spikes that you can use as a trap. They are 
almost he same thing but with different effects (Burn/Bleeding/Poisened/
Lowering Defense) except Teleportation Maki.

Teleportation Maki: Teleportation Maki is the most op (overpowered) maki with 
it's ability to causing asleep and letting you teleport to it after.
Teleportation Maki is complicated for a while but is really fun to use.When 
a enemy touches the Teleportation Maki yhe enemy will fall asleep and alert 
you,when you get alerted you can teleport to other maki and attack the target 
while its asleep.Teleporting to the maki won't end your invisibility so you 
can sneak attack the target if it wakes up.

-=Alternate Weapons=-
You don't need ammo to use alternate weapons unlike other classes which help 
you alot. Most of the alternate weapons are almost the same except those.

Grappling Iron: It's like a grappling hook you don't need more explaining.

Mass Invisibility: Mass Invisibility is like Invisibility but it makes your 
teammates near you go invisible too.

Cloning Scroll: Cloning Scroll makes a clone of you and makes you invisible.

Multi-Clone Scroll: Multi-Clone Scroll will make 2 clones of you without 
making you invisible but the clones explode after a while or when they killed 
and you can teleport to one of your clones

-=Melee (Swords)=-
Swords are the main weapon for the ninja and ignores up to 30% of the defense 
bonuses. You can learn everything about swords on their description except 
Laser Katana

Laser Katana: Laser Katana is very complex when you first use it,you create 
shockwave that deals 15 damage and launches enemies or yourself but you can't
dash attack anymore.You can use the shockwaves to launch yourself into the 
battle or throw the enemies of the map.

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