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  Hints and Tips for: The Universim 
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 The Universim Cheats

The Universim

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How Not to Get Your Whole Village in a Wave of Depression:
Written by Eapple

So, your whole population of nuggets got depression. 
Let's talk about that.

-=Depression in The Universim=-
It happens to the best of us, you're freshly starting a new village, 
a short while after, a nugget dies of old age (or other causes if you're 
not a good God). Then another one dies. Then another. Eventually, you 
realize that dying isn't good for your nuggets' health, both for the 
deceased and the not-so-deceased ones watching their loved ones fall to 
the ground with a bunch of flies over their heads. A dead nugget on the 
ground is not good for the happiness of the family members, specifically 
when they're just lying on the floor with an incredibly slow cemetary to 
pick them up eventually (or even no cemetary at all). At this point, the 
dreaded wave of depression begins. If this hasn't happened to you yet, 
good job! You're clearly doing something right, after all! Why are you 
reading this then? Go have a cup o' joe to commemorate yourself on this 
lustrous day. If you're not into reading, you might wanna pass on this 
one. For the rest of you, let's get right into the news.

-=Depression Matters in The Universim=-
The reason mass-depression is such a common yet devastating issue, is 
because it's incredibly easy to get sucked into it. One nugget dies, the 
family gets a hit to their joy. When nuggets get more and more depressed, 
they just stop reproducing, as well as the other side effects of having 
reduced or completely halted their work, and slow move speed. This leads 
to less productivity overall, and your whole village/tribe/town is 
basically doomed to all die of old age with no children to take their 
place, unless you do something about it.

-=How to Avoid the Issue=-
If you're one of them lucky buggers who never got that cycle of depression 
in their village, I still don't know why you're here, but maybe this part 
might sound familiar (or maybe not, who knows). The #1 key factor to 
avoiding the whole problem in the first place (at least as a temporary 
solution), is to not let your nuggets in the beginning die from thirst 
or starvation. Letting them die will kickstart a wave of depression early 
if you have ~10 nuggets, and of course it has its more obvious effect of 
reducing your workforce by 10%. Unfortunately you can't save a nugget 
from the disease known as aging, which is much more worrying when you 
have 2-3 nuggets die around the same time from old age, which can also 
be what kickstarts the depression wave over your whole population. If 
you're at this point in your game, there is almost no way to stop it, 
unless you already had prior preventative measures. 
Speaking of preventative measures...

-=How to Fix Their Depression=-
This one's gonna stay short, as it doesn't need much explaining. If you 
follow a nugget who's low on happiness for long enough, you'll notice 
that they occasionally stop whatever they're doing to take a ball out 
of god knows where (but you're a god so you should know) and throw it 
in the air, increasing their happiness. This only works for so long, 
as eventually all it does is slow down their decreasing happiness. In 
order to really get their happiness back up at this point, you need to 
have researched recreation. However, as the lord and saviors at Crytivo 
haven't quite yet gotten it right, recreation is just slightly too far 
away to research before the depression hits the population. For this 
reason, you wanna skip over a lot of research for the sole purpose of 
researching recreation. Once you've got that down, I recommend 1 
business/recreational building per 10 nuggets in your population.

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