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  Hints and Tips for: The Walking Dead: 400 Days 
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 The Walking Dead: 400 Days Cheats

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Best Ending:
You must do each day in order.

So first off at the beginning of vince's chapter it does not matter where 
you throw the gun. Next off is the prison bus part. For this segment it 
does not matter who you side with although i prefer you side with justin
instead. For the part when you have to shoot off justin or dannys foot 
shoot dannys foot,If you do not shoot dannys foot then this ending wont 
work. Alright thats it for vince's chapter.

For wyatt,just play it cool you can disagree with eddie or not. So next 
off when eddie runs the guy over,eddie will want to check out the body. 
I recommend you stay in the vehicle. If you don't then he will drive off 
without you which causes problems.

Russell's choices are pretty easy. Just act like a nice kid and don't kill 
the people in the dinner. Also,it depends on the choice you pick for tavia.
At the dinner,refuse to kill the people at the dinner otherwise this wont 

Bonnie's decision will be to go with tavia whether you act nice or not at 
all. For the next part in bonnie's chapter when dee is about to die you 
can show sympathy or ignore leland's feelings.

Shel's chapter is simple. Kill the guy who intrudes and drive the car away 
when you have to kill your friend Stephanie. Also you can be nice or not. 
It does not matter at all. You must kill the guy and drive away otherwise 
this ending will not work.

-=Tavia (The Final Part)=-
Well here we are the final part. For this part it matters on what you say 
to the people at the camp. First off you want to say "I found your note" 
then say "I'm not lying to you" after that say "You cleary outnumber me" 
then almost all of them will come with you. After that say "you might find 
people you know" then russell will join in then you have all of them with 
you. Then say "I give you my word" Then you should get this.

Written by Trevor

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