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  Hints and Tips for: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood And Wine 
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 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood And Wine Cheats

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood And Wine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite money and crafting materials:
This exploit allows you to get infinite money and crafting materials very 
quickly and works with Patch 1.20 on the "Blood And Wine" DLC. You can get
millions of crowns per minute with it, allowing you to fully upgrade the 
Corvo Bianco or craft all Grandmaster Witcher sets. It also allows you to 
easily buy dyes for your armor to get the "Playing House" and "Dressed To 
Kill" achievements. 
Use the following steps to get unlimited money and crafting materials:

1.Go to White Orchard Armorer. If you have not already completed his side 
  quest, you must first complete it. Then, buy everything you can from him.
  The more money he has, the more you will get in return. If he has 100,000+ 
  crowns, you can make millions in a minute.
2.Go to the bee hive further north of the town (by a building near the road).
3.Use Aard on the beehive to push it to the armorer. This works best at night 
  when nobody is on the streets.
4.When the beehive is close enough, it will kill the armorer. Then, meditate 
  for one hour to make the armorer respawn.
5.Each time you meditate, the armorer will respawn and instantly die. This 
  makes him drop his entire inventory with all the crafting components and 
  the money you gave him. The more money you gave him, the quicker this 
  exploit goes.
6.When you have farmed enough, push the beehive away to collect the loot.
  This will give you tons of money and crafting materials.
7.To avoid being overburdened, go to the inventory and drop saddles, saddle 
  bags, repair kits, lead, and parchment.
8.If you want to farm more, you can put the beehive in place again and 
  meditate to make the armorer respawn. You can also buy more of his stuff 
  to increase his money. He will then drop even more so it goes quicker. 
  Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Note: This exploit will eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to 
use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit
or delete the new patches. You can avoid patches being installed by 
disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install 
new patches.

Easy "The Grapes of Wrath Stomped" achievement or trophy:
This can be missed. You will begin progress towards earning it by reading the 
"Wine Wars" note on the notice board outside the Cockatrice Inn to get the 
"Wine Wars: Belgaard" quest. Follow the objective to the auction near Plegmund's
Bridge to trigger a cinematic featuring Liam Coronata and Matilda Vermentino. 
Liam will bestow the "Wine Wars: Coronata" quest and Matilda will bestow the 
"Wine Wars: Vementino" quest. You can complete all the objectives in both quests,
however do not turn them in. Instead, during both of those quests you will find 
a letter. After reading both of them, it will trigger the "Wine Wars: The Deus 
in the Machina" quest. Compelte it, then return to Liam and Matilda. They will 
bestow a new quest named "Wine Wars: Consorting". Then, just follow the storyline.
After the quest series ends, the NPCs will name a wine after you. Note: If you 
fully complete either Liam's or Matilda's individual quests, only one of them 
receive the Belgraad vineyard and you will not get a wine named after you. 

Easy "Hasta la Vista™" achievement or trophy:
Use any version of the Northern Wind Bomb and a crossbow. You can purchase the 
Northern Wind Bomb Formula from the herbalist northeast of Oxenfurt. Freeze a 
cow near Yantra (northeast of Novigrad) then shoot it with your crossbow.

Gold Exploit (Blood and Wine):
Look around the abandoned tower at Kaer Morhen to find a skeleton. You can obtain
the Pang of Consequence sword by looting the body. Then you should save your game
and reload the save. The loot respawns. You can keep collecting it and sell it 
for almost 400 gold in Novigrad, or synthesize it for valuable resources.

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