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  Hints and Tips for: The Crystal Key 
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 The Crystal Key Cheats

The Crystal Key

1. Note all the coordinates and color patterns from the 
   various spaceships and locations. They will help you 
   move from world to world and to unlock coded doorways.

2. Take all the inventory items you can. You never know 
   when a screwdriver or battery cables may come in handy! 
The Gatehouse
After collecting the scroll, place it on the table in the 
main room and open it in the shaft of sunlight. Note the 
symbols on the side of the scroll. These symbols are your 
guide to the order in which the books must be placed on 
the shelf.

BOOKSHELF PUZZLE: After you have placed 4 of 5 books on the 
shelf in the correct order, leave them there. You do not need 
to take them with you. (The 5th book is not required.)

BOX PUZZLE: A hint to this puzzle can be found in a book, in 
the Portal Chamber. Pay attention to the length of the lines 
rather than the written text. 

The Desert World
After you have taken the jeep to the Power Plant, explore 
the exterior of the building and pick up all inventory items 
you see. Your life depends on it!

The ponds may not be what they appear to be...

The Sunken City
Take note of the loud screeching sound coming from the radio. 
The correct pitch could shatter glass!

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