The Earth Lords Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Earth Lords 
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 The Earth Lords Cheats

The Earth Lords

Submitted by: Psycho Killer

When you start the game, just roam in Tay Jen city in all the blocks and you will find 
health seeds and Gold Now, go to the second level(floor) of tay jen and go to the merchant 
at the lowermost right side.
Here, buy as many Robes as you can Now, save the game and exit it

Use a Hex editor (i used xvi32) and open the /data/items/armor.dat file "Armor.dat"

Now, just see that there are 16 characters before the next item that specify what the properties 
of the armor are. So, go down to the bottom most point and copy the last 16 characters. 
Now, come up to Robe and paste them there (at the last 16 characters before the next item). 
Save it as Armor1.dat
Now, interchange the names of armor.dat and armor1.dat and start the game. Sell you robes to 
the merchant and you will have LOTS of money. Save the game and exit. now again interchange 
the names of the two files and start the game. This way you can get lots and lots of money

Submitted by: Death Rocker

The Same thing can be done on the items.dat file also. just remember to replace the first 13 
characters just before an items "NIL" , starting from the end and also the base item characters!

Have fun cheating... like this u may also change a torch with a skill candy and then learn Max 
me out skill just in the starting of the game!!!

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