The Fates of Twinion Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Fates of Twinion 
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 The Fates of Twinion Cheats

The Fates of Twinion

Tricks and Cheats:
Cheat Saving - Simply save your game from the options 
menu, then click on Quit to Dos. Click on "Cancel". 
Now, IF you die, you can simply use the bottom dungeon 
entrance. It will return you to the spot where you 
last "cheat saved". This cheat has its use mostly 
before large battles that you are not sure you can win, 
or if you want to take your chance at blindly jumping into
a pit to see if it leads you anywhere. It is, in fact a 
very useful trick.

Forcing - Forcing an item is simply a way to equip an 
item that your guild originally cannot use. First, be 
sure that you are in a party and _not_ leading. 
Also be sure that the party leader knows that you are 
forcing, as you will NOT be able to talk while doing so.

"Fill up" all spots around your body, (armor, weapon, 
shield, helmet, and the 2 spaces by your legs 
_don't_ place any items in the spot between).

Place the item to be forced (I'll use the Spiked 
Shield for an example) in the spot between your legs. 
Be sure to still have the original shield on your 
shield spot.

Click the left mouse button on the original shield 
(I'll use a Buckler for an example) and hold. 
Drag the shield down to the Spiked Shield and release
the left mouse button. The Buckler and Spiked 
Shield will switch, so you will have the Buckler in 
the spot between your legs and you will be "dragging" the
Spiked Shield.

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