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  Hints and Tips for: The Godfather 
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 The Godfather Cheats

The Godfather

Cheat  Codes:
Press [Esc] to pause game play. Then, enter one of the following codes.
Note: There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled. 
To bypass this, save the game after a code has been enabled, quit the
game, then reload your saved game.

Code          Effect
corleone    - Full health
stracci     - Maximum ammunition
cuneo       - $5,000
tattaglia   - All movies

Skip introduction sequences:
Enter the "\electronic arts\the godfather the game\movies" folder. Delete
the "load.vp6" and "paramount.vp6" files. You will now only be prompted 
with the copyright clip before you enter the main menu.

$1 million:
Reach the "Don Of New York City" rank at a 91.5% game completion.

Submitted  by: The Godfather

To have all the film reals tipe "TATTAGLIA" at the load game menu. 
It doesn't work at the pause menu.

If you type PIZZA HAT " during a break ", become invulnerable.

Easy money:
* To get more money, take over as many businesses, warehouses, and rackets as
  possible before completing missions. By doing this you will get much more 
  on payday, and money for important weapon upgrades.

* To get free money and respect, go to the Molotov cocktail seller in Midtown.
  There will be some hobos walking around. If you see any , shoot them. You 
  will receive no heat, but either +750 respect and $3000 or +900 respect and 

* When walking around the city you will see homeless men from time to time. 
  Kill them. The majority of the time they will have $5,500 and you will have
  no heat.

* Use the following trick to get easy money to buy the guns. Go to Brooklyn and
  get every warehouse and business. Go to the warehouse on the left and get a 
  truck. It will take a 45 second drive to get $75,000. You can do this as many
  times as desired. You will get three payments of $25,000 each. This is the 
  only place you can get that type of payment in that short of a drive.

Gun upgrade prices and recommendations:
The Street Sweeper is recommended because it has 100 bullets available and can
kill in one shot. Another good gun to buy is the Colt Python. In close range 
it can kill in one shot, but it has poor shot power at long and medium range.
The Assassin's Pistol is also useful. When running, the pistol fires like any
other pistol. However when you stand still it fires like a Tommy Gun.

Street Sweeper         - $500,000 
Dillinger              - $450,000 
Saturday Night Special - $75,000 
Assassin's Pistol      - $250,000 
Colt Python            - $250,000

Hidden money in Order to Kill mission:
After reaching the hotel where the informant is supposedly staying, instead of 
going straight in, head further down to road and look to the left to find five 
hidden bags of cash, each worth $1,000. 

Hidden money:
After Tessio attempts to flee in the club and you have followed him to the basement,
head into the side room and smash up the crate to reveal a hidden bag of cash worth 

Hidden money in The Don is Dead mission:
After you have finished interrogating the Tattaglia Capo on Manhattan Bridge, look 
for a tan coloured car to the left of the ambulance. Shoot at it until it explodes 
and the burnt out chassis disappears from the game. A hidden bag of cash worth 
$3,000 which was underneath the car is now revealed.

No heat when stealing cars:
* Reach the "Underboss" rank to have no heat when a parked car is stolen.
* Upgrade you character to Street Smarts level 4. You will unlock Hotwiring and be 
  able to steal parked cars heat free.

Recommended weapons:
* Do not waste money on safe houses. You can make it fine with just the ones you 
  get in the story. Instead, save money for clothing and weapons. All the best 
  weapons cost a lot but are well worth it. The Saturday Night Special is a better
  revolver and it will cost $75,000. The Assassin's Pistol is better gun and costs
  about $200,000. The Python a better magnum will cost $250,000. The Dillinger is 
  a machine gun that costs $450,000. Finally, the Street Sweeper, which works like
  a shotgun, sells for $500,000 and will kill most people in one shot.

* The pistol at level 3 works like a semi-automatic gun. It carries fourteen bullets
  and has more firepower. This is perfect for taking over businesses. The shotgun at
  level 3 has more ammunition, more firepower, and is perfect for taking over 
  warehouses, etc. Prioritize weapons upgrades before safehouse buying. One house in
  each city will suffice in the start. However, you will have to buy them all in the

* The only necessary guns you should buy are the Tommy gun level 2, Streetsweeper, 
  pistol extended clip, Saturday Night Snubnose, and Python. You can get the money 
  needed to purchase them by driving the warehouse trucks.

Now It's Personal mission: Easy money:
Go to the top floor of the hotel you start in. Open the door on the right and look 
behind the bar in front of you. You will find three bags of money, each containing 

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