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  Hints and Tips for: The Grinch 
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 The Grinch Cheats

The Grinch

Extra presents:
Use the egg launcher to shoot the kids to make them drop 
their presents. 

Hidden present:
Look on top of the town's Christmas tree to find a 
hidden present. 

Entering Town Hall:
Use the egg launcher to shoot the clock to get inside 
Town Hall. 

Finding the blueprints:
Go to the bottom level of Town Hall and find the three rugs 
on the wall that appear differently than the others. 
Pull out the rugs to find the blueprints. 

Spin 'n' Win mini-game:
Destroy 750 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount 
Crumpit to access the Spin 'n' Win mini-game. 

Pankamania mini-game:
Destroy 1,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount 
Crumpit to access the Pankamania mini-game. 

Copter Race Contest mini-game:
Destroy 2,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount 
Crumpit to access the Copter Race Contest mini-game. 

Bike Race mini-game:
Destroy 3,000 gifts and complete 100% of the game. Look 
behind the bookcase in the workshop with the sleigh to 
access the Bike Race mini-game. 

Submitted by: rickHH

In Downtown Whoville, you don't need the costume to get 
past the sleeping policeman just tiptoe past him and the 
cloak will be inside for future visits. 

Don't be concerned if you can't accomplish all missions 
per level the game isn't linear, so in most cases you'll 
have to visit other levels first to construct gadgets. 

In Who Dump, shoot the birds with the Rotten Egg Launcher 
and they'll drop food. 

To open the safe in the Town Hall, shoot it with the Rotten 
Egg Launcher it contains a blueprint for the Grinch Copter. 

Also in the Town Hall, on the bottom level, you'll find that 
some of the rugs on the wall look different than the others; 
pull them to find some blueprints.

Sculpting Tools:
To get the Sculpting Tools in Whoville, enter the Town Hall. Then, go 
to the room across where the statue is located to find see a rug or 
cabinet type thing on the wall in the back of the room. Approach it 
and press [Activate]. It will hold on to the cabinet. Move it to the 
side. Press [Activate] to pull out the safety. Jump, do a pancake on 
it, and the tools will pop out.

Getting the sleigh part in Downtown Whoville:
This is the most difficult sleigh part to collect. Throughout Downtown 
Whoville, there are some sort of snowplows driving over the snow. Get 
behind one of them, then wait for the door at the back to open and 
shoot it with your Rotten Egg Launcher. This will make it explode, 
revealing the part. 

Getting the presents the kids are guarding:
In Whoville, there are little kids who are guarding presents that give 
you 10 points. They are dancing to the music that the little horn thing 
beside them is making. If you shoot the kid with the Rotten Egg Launcher,
the kid will go away. You cannot get the present while the music is 
playing. Slime the horn with the Slime Gun, then you will be able to 
get the present.

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