The Incredible Hulk (2008) Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Incredible Hulk (2008) 
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 The Incredible Hulk (2008) Cheats

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the character:

Abomination   - Defeat Abomination
Grey Hulk     - Smash 7,500 objects
Ironclad      - Defeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into KOing his teammate, 
                or defeat Abomination
Maestro       - Destroy a building in each neighborhood
Smart Hulk    - Successfully complete all jump challenges
Savage Hulk   - Collect five comic book covers
The Professor - Successfully complete all fifteen Jump Challenges

Comic book locations:
The comic books are located at the folloiwng locations. 

1. Face Of The Monster: At the Latverian Embassy. 
2. Bruce And Goliath: At Stark Tower. 
3. The Flop-tastic Four: On the Baxter Building. 
4. Sonic Assault: Two blocks west of One World Plaza, two blocks north of the Reuters
   Building. It is located where the two intersect on a ledge mid building. 
5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: At the southern tip of the island near the docks in 
   a pass thru the building. 
6. Talbot The Madman: At the Daily Bugle. 
7. Just a Hop Skip And A Jump: On the domed roof of the World Financial Center. 
8. Blonsky... Broken...: Go to the Latverian embassy, then move towards Central 
   Park. When you get to the last building before Central Park, turn south. It 
   is on top of tallest building with the dome top. 
9. Turrett Syndrome: In the Central Park subway terminal. 
10. Fired From The Sky: On the rooftop of Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys At Law. 
11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: On top of a fountain near the Flatiron Building. 
12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: On the Belvedere Castle in Central Park near the lake. 
13 This Is Only a Test...: Start at the top right corner of Central Park and go up 
   one square. You should be on a big square building on the map. Go right one 
   building and you will see it in the upper left of the lower roof of that building. 
14. Betty's Peril: On the top of the Flat Iron Building. 
15. Abomination Domination: At the Marvel Comics Office front door. 

The following missions must be completed to collect the comic books:
1. Face Of The Monster: He must Not Escape 
2. Bruce And Goliath: The Enclave and Rick Jones 
3. The Flop-tastic Four: A Friend Who can Help 
4. Sonic Assault: Just Take him down 
5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: A Mass Mind COntrol Device 
6. Talbot The Madman: This Guy's Bad News 
7. Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump: Destruction in a Single Bound 
8. Blonsky... Broken...: Our Old Research Data 
9. Turret Syndrome: The Problem is the Hulk part 2 
10. Fire From The Sky: PISTH part 3 
11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: The lesser of two evils part 2 
12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: LOTE part 3 
13. This Is Only A Test...: We can use their tech part 2 
14. Betty's Peril: It's time to end this part 2 
15. Abomination Domination: We've got the antidote. 

Jump Challenge locations:
The Jump Challenges can be found at the following locations. 

1. World Financial Center 
2. Behind the Woolworth Building 
3. 20 Exchange Place 
4. Third building south of The Flat Iron Building 
5. Beside the Empire State Building (fall into it) 
6. Madison Square Garden 
7. U.S. Trust Building 
8. The building north of the Reuters Building. It has a star-shaped top. The 
   jump ring is horizontal; you must look up to find it. 
9. South of Time Square, near Jump Challenge #8, slightly further south between 
   a skyscraper and a smaller building, down low. 
10. Swiss Bank Tower 
11. Citigroup Center 
12. Carnegie Hall 
13. Time Warner Center 
14. Southeast of the Empire State University Subway 
15. North central area of Central Park

Defeating "Skull":
Throw things until his electrical blasts decreases. Quickly throw something on him 
or punch him a few times. Repeat this until he has been defeated. 

Defeating Ironclad:
Pick ammo (cars works well) and jump away. Quickly turn and target him. Throw your 
ammo in his face when he comes jumping. He has hard fists; after you hit him, quickly
jump away. 

Defeating Vapor:
Use the handclap whenever she is in her vapor state. If she gets dizzy you can land 
some punches on her. 

Defeating Vector:
Throw projectiles on his shield. When he becomes dizzy, punch him several times till 
the shield starts again. 

Take the fight where you want it if possible. For example, lure both U-Foes and Enclave 
leaders to Central Park. There are streets with cars on every side, you can easy smash 
a few hits on cars or buildings for filling the rage meter faster. When you jump on 
trees, the leaves fall and you have excellent visibility on the battlefield. 
Use Rage attacks whenever you are full and have a clear shot.

How To Defeat Bi-Beast:
To defeat Bi-Beast, wait until he stops shooting that purple thunder at you. Then you
have to make him block. When he does, use your Fury attacks(charge heavy moves to 
maximum) to break the block and he'll get stunned. Start hitting him until he isn't 
stunned. Repeat this 4-7 times and you beat him...

Secret Screen Saver:
Submitted by: Arpan Akash Ray

Start the game. Wait in the screen where it is written "Press the gamepad start buttor 
or the left mouse button to begin" for 1:30 sec. You will sea the secret screensaver!

Sonic reference:
Next to where you start your second mission is a grey building with a banner with five
Sonic pictures.

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