The Majesty of Colors Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Majesty of Colors 
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 The Majesty of Colors Cheats

The Majesty of Colors

All endings walkthrough:
Submitted by: RM

Complete the indicated task to view the corresponding ending sequence.

Ending A - Don't kill the man on the speedboat, help the fishermen by
           putting fish on their boat, save the child by dragging the
           sharks away from him until the helicopter saves him.
Ending B - Don't kill the man on the speedboat, help the fishermen by 
           putting fish on their boat, let the child die.
Ending C - Don't kill the man on the speedboat, kill the fishermen by
           holding them underwater, get killed by the army dropping 
           bombs into the water.
Ending D - Kill the man on the speedboat, do whatever you want with the 
           fishermen, destroy the army boat by catching one of its bombs
           and dropping it on the boat, let the submarine kill you.
Ending E - Kill everybody. You can destroy the submarine by catching its
           torpedoes and sending them back to it.
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