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  Hints and Tips for: The Matrix - Path Of Neo 
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 The Matrix - Path Of Neo Cheats

The Matrix - Path Of Neo

Update by: DJNK
Submitted by: conner54

Completion Bonuses:
Beat the game on Easy to unlock 'Unbreakable Melee Weapons' and 'Bullet 
Reflection' options. Beat the game on normal to unlock 'Vampiric Health'
and 'All weapons', and beat it on The One difficulty to unlock the 
'Infinite Health' option. 

The One mode:
Beat the first level 'Lobby Dreams' without dying in order to unlock The 
One difficulty. As you may imagine, it's the hardest setting. 

Zion Archive level:
Upgrade the icon in the 8 o'clock position during the 'Atman Principle' 
to unlock the Zion Archive at the level selection screen. 

Bonuses: Follow the directions to get the breifcases containing various 

Machine Gun Kick combo:
During 'The Chase: I need an Exit', the briefcase is found in the corner of
the market area behind some fruit stands. 

Quick Kicks combo:
During 'Storming the Drain', touch the top two platforms in the second to 
last room. 

The Beginning Of The End combo:
During 'Seraph's Apology', return to the teahouse from the theater and 
destroy one of the tables as well as all eight support columns. 

The Codebreaker combo:
During 'Weapon Training', the briefcase is in the Operator's secret 
stash in the upstairs corridor when returning to teahouse. 

The One combo:
During 'The Burly Brawl', defeat 30 Agent Smiths and the briefcase 
will appear in the center of the level. 

Ultimate Hyper Strike combo:
During 'Redpill Rescue: The Security Guard', defeat the SWAT team on the
stairs within the time limit. 

Storyboard Sequence 1:
During 'Red Pill: The Key', complete the bonus objective in the second 
room by not using any guns. 

Storyboard Sequence 2:
During 'The Frenchman', kill the first set of enemies, go to the red cross
in the dungeon and go right to find the briefcase. 

Defeating the Witch:
Use the Bullet Stop ability to throw the various items in the room at her. 
They each do massive amounts of damage. When she casts the Barrier spell, 
avoid her or your weapon will break and you will be stunned. Make sure to
disarm her as soon as possible. 
Note: While fighting the Witch do not let the Exile die. If that happens, 
after defeating the Witch you will be stuck in the fight hall with no exit
or options. 

Defeating Agent Smith:
To defeat Agent Smith at the train station, you must weaken him first. When 
you hear an announcement of a train approaching, try to get hold of him. 
Throw him in front of the train. When fighting the big Agent Smith, get behind
a broken building. When he strikes at you he will hit it and you will not get 
hurt. Also, he will throw his arms in the air, signaling you to attack.

At the level when neo has to fight back the duplicates of Agent Smith try to
go close to the main building support rod and then a movie will show that Neo
is pulling the rod and using it as a weapon. after that start beating Smith 
with that rod and if two or three Smiths hit a same building the building will
be destroyed and pathfrom where Smiths were coming out will be closed.Try that
same technique to destroy the other buildings and soon you will pass the level
and suceed forward.

Defeating the Witch:
Before fighting the Witch, you must choose one of the three Exiles. Use Code
Vision for this. If you choose the correct one, she will help you defeat the

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