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  Hints and Tips for: The Messenger 
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 The Messenger Cheats

The Messenger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

1) Chests are scattered throughout the gameworld but remain in the 
same locations during the subsequent periods of the Louvre. Because
of the limited amount of space in inventory, utilizing these storage
chests is a good idea, and often necessary. Take only what you require 
to get you to the next area where you can access the next chest, etc.

2) When you pick up an item it automatically goes into your inventory. 
If you do not have any space, you will get a message to make room in 
your active inventory. As mentioned above, the chests come in very 
handy for making room.

3) Once you have walked to a room, it will become available on your
map. Use the map to transport to places you have already been to save
walking the steps. Remember to check what level you are on. 
Hint: using the map is handy when you forget to place an item in 
your inventory that you require. Simply warp over to a room with 
a storage chest, and then return using your map.

1. Your diamond knife will come in handy to 'open' windows!
2. The 'Revealing Spell' will allow you to read foreign or illegible 
3. In the Counsel Room, you must get rid of the servant in the room, 
before you do anything else. If you look carefully at the small cabinet
in the middle of the room, you will see a skull behind the smoky glass.
A torch (the flashlight) shining through the skull might be enough to 
frighten the servant and have him scurry out of the room...
4. In the Library Tower, you will need to know your zodiac characters. 
Which 'signs' could the water bearer, the two fish and the horned goat 
represent..... And later on in the game, the Bull character will need 
to be chiseled free from his lofty position!
5. Also in the Library Tower, the ivory plate combined with the coded 
parchment will give you the answer for the Door of the Treasury on the
Bridge in the Courtyard.
6. The 'General Purpose Formula' will open up locked cages & secret 
7. Your gas mask will come in handy - more than once!
8. The 'Magic Formula' combined with a magical item will open a door 
to the past.

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