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  Hints and Tips for: The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 
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 The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Cheats

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

Submitted by: Muhammad kashif, Rana Amir 

There is no time limit in this game, you can take your time and solve the puzzles 
at your own pace. 

You do not get a list of items to search for, instead you will have to click randomly 
on objects until you find one that opens up. These items are called Key Objects. 
In order to find a Key Object you have to move your cursor around the scene, once you 
see the cursor turn into a hand, click on it. The hand indicates that you just found 
a Key Object. 

There is a bar at the bottom of each scenery, each bar will have some question marks. 
The bars represent how many Key Objects you need to find in a particular scene. 
When you click on a Key Object, some circles will appear around it. Those circles have 
a black and white picture of the items that you need to find, those are called Normal 

Once the object has been found the picture will become colorized. 
When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass it means that there are items hidden 
inside of that object, those are called Containers. Click on the Containers and you 
will get a close-up view of its contents. Always look carefully because there could 
be more than one item to find in a container. 
Objects may not always be facing the same direction in the scene as they are in the 
picture. Keep that in mind when searching for objects. Don't think that you have the 
wrong item just because it is facing in the wrong direction. 

Normal Objects can be in plain viewing site or they could be hiding under other things. 
All items may not be visible until other objects have been found first. That's why if 
you see objects in the round circles that you can't find, it's probably because it is 
not visible at that time. 

Some items will be revealed once the Key Object has disappeared. Always look in the 
location where a Key Object was located in order to make sure that a new item has not 
been revealed. 

More than one Key Object may be open at a time. Sometimes the second one may not be 
revealed until a few objects have been found first. 

You have unlimited hints in this game. Once you use a hint, it will take some time 
before the hint refills itself (approximately 90 seconds). 

The hints do not help you find the Key Objects directly but when you press on a hint, 
you will see a light go from where the Key Object should be to where the item that goes 
into that Key Object is located. 

If you press on a hint and you notice that the hint bar remains full, it most likely 
means that you need to go to another location since there are no more items to find 
there at that time.

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