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  Hints and Tips for: The Orphan 
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 The Orphan Cheats

The Orphan

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* At the start of the game, you will be in the dark hallway. You will need 
  something to illuminate hallway to move ahead. Check first left door to 
  move to the study room.

* Click on the particle area to enter into hog scene. 
  You will receive a note here.

* Check bookshelf on the left to collect “Light Switch” and “Air Blower”.

* Come back to the hallway and put the switch on the missing area. 
  It is left to the study room door.

* Now click on it to switch on the lights. Open ventilation duct to get 
  “Puzzle Piece”. Now move straight ahead.

* Click on the right door to enter into the hallway bedroom.

* Enter the hog. You will receive a “Balcony Key” here.

* Click on the window. A dialogue will appear with an apparition and then 
  there will be a black out.

* Click on the screen and you will be in the Sarah’s Room now.

* Enter hog to collect “Holy Water” & note.

* Examine the area near chair for piano puzzle code. 
  You will need this later.

* Collect “Puzzle Piece” from window. Check cabinet near bed and collect 
  another “Puzzle Piece”, “Lighter” and “Rope Ladder”.

* Go towards door and drop holy water on it.

* Now go to the right door, its Elena’s Room.

* Enter hog to collect another note.

* Enter Piano. A code should now appear to the top left corner. 
  Alphabets represent white keys while digits represent black keys. 
  You will get a “Music Box Key” here.

* Use balcony key on the door to unlock it.

* Collect “Puzzle Piece” from the railing. Use rope ladder on the duct. 
  Climb down the ladder to go to the lawn.

* Collect note. Check veranda for “Kitchen Key”. 
  There is not much you can do here for now.

* Now go back to the 1st floor corridor to spot Sarah. A note will appear. 
  Pick it up and you will be teleported in the Couple’s Room.

* Enter the hog to collect “Puzzle Piece” & “Fish”.

* Go back to the hallway bedroom and use music box key on the music box. It 
  is on the left side of the room on the dressing table. 
  Pick up an “Earthworm”.

* Go to the kitchen by using kitchen key which you have found in the lawn.

* Enter hog to collect “Puzzle Piece” & note. 
  Pick up “Shovel” resting next to the platform.

* Enter the ritual puzzle and drop Fish, Earthworm, Lighter & Air Blower to 
  the related symbols. The symbols are of 4 elements; Water, Earth, Fire & Air. 
  You will get a “Voodoo Doll”.

* Now go back to the lawn and click on the glowing flower at the end of the lawn. 
  Use shovel here to dig a grave. Pick up “Puzzle Piece”.

* Now you have all 7 puzzle pieces to solve chained drawer puzzle. Go back 
  to the couple’s room and enter chained drawer puzzle. Drop all the pieces 
  of puzzles according to their shapes. You will receive “Basement Key”. 
  Grab it and go back to the hallway.

* Use basement key on the basement door. (2nd door to the left).

* Pick up “Axe”. Check cabinet to the left to see diary of Sarah’s mom. 
  Pick up “Pendant”.

* Enter hog and collect “Basement Exit Door Key” & note. 
  Use key on the door to the right.

* You will be in the lawn now. Use axe on the exit door to the right.

* Now use pendant once animation is finished. 
  After that use a voodoo doll.

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