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  Hints and Tips for: The Saboteur 
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 The Saboteur Cheats

The Saboteur

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Extra Cash:
About halfway through the game you get a mission to knock out a large gun across the
river from the Eiffel Tower. Nearby on the same building is a smaller Anti-Aircraft 
gun. If you eliminate all the guards nearby but leave the AA gun intact, when the 
mission is completed you can use the AA gun to shoot down Zeppelins. This will give
you a level 5 alarm which starts a series of airplanes strafing you. Zeppelins earn
$50 and planes $100 when shot down, which is pretty easy, and seem to be unlimited 
so it's easy to keep racking up the cash for as long as you want. Once you've enough
for the time being, just hop off and die. When you return to the HQ you'll have lost
your weapons but have plenty of cash to buy more. This can be repeated as often as 
you want in the game as long as you don't destroy the AA gun. 

Defeating Nazis:
Act suspiciously to lure a Nazi away from his post, then kill him when no one is 

Find a Path Up Buildings:
If there is a scenic point atop a building that you cant figure out how to climb,
follow the glowing yellow lamps -- they'll show the way to the scenic point. 

Vehicle Locations:
The following vehicles can be found at the locations below:

Bauer Fuel Truck   - West Picardie / North Normadie / 
                     Near the river, where the road the road hooks around 
Gestapo GS         - Gare Saint Lazarre / This is parked North of the checkpoint
                     near the tower with propaganda speaker (right side of the road)
Armed ZP750        - Raise the alarm level and it will come to you.
Gestapo Cruiser    - On streets around Nazi areas (Not GS)
Bauer Armored      - The Armed Baur is located near the railroad at the back of the
                     Chateau Chambord which you unlock as a target in the mission 
                     "Set up us the Bomb." 
Kaiser Bulletproof - Trocadero / First city section with the freeplay destroyable 
                     object (marked by white diamond). Look in the alley way (the 
                     security checkpoint closest to the huge building). 

Panther Mk3 Tank   - Montmarte / The tank is just northeast of the Belle HQ. It is 
                     just north of the church where you meet Father Dennis for some
                     side missions. It is in some bombed out buildings. 

Infinite Contraband:
Find an AA gun somewhere relatively isolated. Eliminate the guards around the gun.
Get on an AA gun and shoot any zeppelin you see (Zeppelins respawn indefinitely). 
When the alarm level gets too high, just save your game and load it again and your
alarm level will be gone and you keep everything you just earned.

Climbing buildings:
When trying to climb up to a scenic point on top of a building, follow the glowing
yellow lamps.

Easy Mad Bomber Perk:
Submitted by: Arjua
Steal a Nazi vehicle and put it in your garage. Blow it up. Take a new one from 
garage keeper and blow it again. Repeat that to complete 5 vehicle requirement for
the Mad Bomber perk.

How to unlock the Nazi Knife:
To enter in this code, first open The Saboteur then proceed to press [F4] to bring 
up the code entry box. Then type in the code: BH87-VJ52-VK5Z-8J4N

Racing Made Easy:
To win a countryside race, walk to the side of each participating car and aim your 
gun to the driver so he'll get out. Do this to all of the other drivers. Then, get
back to your car and start the one-man race.

Easy "High Diver" achievement:
Submitted by: Arjua

Climb the Eiffel Tower, then look for the swimming pool below. Jump from that 
area, and land in the swimming pool to get the "High Diver" achievement.

Easy "The Legend Begins" achievement:
Submitted by: Arjua

After destroying the fuel depot at the start of the game and returning to the
Belle De Nuit, drop off Luc. Do not enter the Belle De Nuit. Instead, unlock 
all three Mayhem perks to unlock machine guns on the Aurora race car. An easy
way to unlock the last Mayhem perk is to find an open tank, hijack it, and 
destroy any Nazi vehicles that appear. Note: An open tank can be found in the
ruins of a building a few meters behind the church that is on top of the hill.
The church is located behind the Belle De Nuit. Then, go to "The Race" where 
Sean must race against Dierker in Saarbrucken. During the race, do not pass 
Dierker, but get close enough to him to shoot his car with the machine guns 
on the Aurora. Keep shooting Dierker's car until it becomes damaged and the 
game credits appear, indicating you have finished the game by killing Dierker.
You can either watch the credits or skip them. After the credits, you will get
"The Legend Begins" achievement, and a "Mission Failed" screen will appear, 
allowing you to retry the mission. 

All achievements & secret achievements:
Submitted by: Arjua

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Tourist (15 points)             : Collect all monument postcards.
Hell on Wheels (10 points)      : Complete and win all freeplay races.
Weapon Master (35 points)       : Purchase all weapons available in the shops.
Solid Gold (50 points)          : Complete all gold level perks.
Saint Honor? (15 points)        : Spend 75,000 contraband.
Demolition Derby (15 points)    : Destroy 50 vehicles.
Top o' the World (15 points)    : Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Liberator of France (110 points): Inspire the people of France.
Silent Death (10 points)        : Stealth kill 50 or more Nazis.
Northern Command (10 points)    : Inspire the people of Paris Area 1.
Western Command (10 points)     : Inspire the people of Paris Area 2.
Southern Command (10 points)    : Inspire the people of Paris Area 3.
Chain Smoker (5 points)         : Spend a lot of time idling around doing nothing.
Casanova (10 points)            : Kiss 50 women.
Silver Streak (10 points)       : Obtain your first silver perk.
Gold Medalist (20 points)       : Obtain your first gold perk.
First Blood (5 points)          : Complete your first ambient freeplay event.
Commando (10 points)            : Complete each type of ambient freeplay.
Wrecking Crew (15 points)       : Complete 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.
Unnatural Disaster (15 points)  : Complete 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.
Walking WMD (15 points)         : Complete 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.
Fatherland Fighter (15 points)  : Complete 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.
Coast Guard (15 points)         : Complete 76 ambient freeplay in Le Havre.
Guerilla Warfare (15 points)    : Complete 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.
Pigeon Parfait (5 points)       : Find and play 'Bird Blast.'
No Witnesses (10 points)        : Complete a mission without raising alarm.
Master of Disguise (15 points)  : Complete a story mission with disguise intact.
Trick or Treat (5 points)       : Stealth kill a Nazi General while disguised.
High Diver (15 points)          : Jump from the Eiffel Tower and survive.
Not On My Watch (15 points)     : Stop the Nazis from executing 40 civilians.

Additionally, there are fifteen secret achievements:
Vive La Resistance (25 points)   : You inspired your first area of Paris.
Road Trip (10 points)            : You've arrived in Germany with Jules.
Knockwurst (10 points)           : You bested your opponents in the bar fight.
Pint and a Shag (10 points)      : You got lucky with Skylar.
Fenderbender (10 points)         : You crashed Dierker's car.
Out of the Frying Pan (30 points): You escaped from Germany.
Into the Fire (40 points)        : You reached Paris.
Buried Secrets (25 points)       : The Resistance was born.
Crashlander (30 points)          : You sent the Nazi zeppelin up in flames.
Bridge Buster (30 points)        : You destroyed the train.
Repo Man (30 points)             : You recovered the Aurora.
Rescue (40 points)               : You rescued Veronique.
Pole Position (40 points)        : You beat Dierker in the Parisian race.
Payback (50 points)              : You blew up "Doppelsieg."
The Legend Begins (100 points)   : You completed The Saboteur.

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