The Serpent of Isis Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Serpent of Isis 
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 The Serpent of Isis Cheats

The Serpent of Isis

Submitted by: RM

* There are 2 modes in the game; timed an "untimed". The game will start
  your profile in timed mode unless "untimed" mode is selected before 
  playing the game. Start a new profile should you change your mind and
  want to play in "untimed" mode. Make the "untimed" selection in the 
  Create a New Player/Start a New Game screen. 
* Should you play the timed mode and the hidden objects haven't been 
  found and the quests completed; you'll have to start that chapter 
  over from the beginning. 
* There are 3 types of hints included in the game. 
  * Hints included in the characters' conversations throughout the game.
  * Magnifying glass icon hint gives you a highlighted circle area in 
    which a hidden object is located. 
  * Wrench icon hint gives 1 hint at a time for a quest. You can have 
    2-3 different hints per quest. 
* You can accumulate additional hints by locating the Suspect Items that 
  are hidden in scenes. I highly recommend locating the suspect items. 
  The suspect items are never listed on find hidden objects lists. See 
  suspects' items locations below. 
* You can incur a time penalty should you have about 20 selections 
  consecutively that are incorrect. 
* New locations will open up after locating hidden objects and/or when 
  quests have been completed. 
* You can visit opened locations as many times as you'd prefer unless 
  all hidden objects and quests have been completed in that location...
  select the map button on the lower left side on the scene. 
* Mini games and puzzles can be skipped incurring a 20 minute penalty 
  to your total game time. 
* Most scenes have 1 or more areas that will be highlighted/hot spots
  when your curser moves over them. These areas require additional 
  actions to be taken. 
* Use the flashlight often as many scenes have dark areas in which a 
  flashlight can be used. 
* Hidden object scenes have random items on the lists with the exception
  of inventory and quest items.

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