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  Hints and Tips for: The Sims - Livin It Up 
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 The Sims - Livin It Up Cheats

The Sims - Livin It Up

Submitted by: Rachel Barber 

A great way to get money with out really cheating is to use the move objects 
cheat (move_objects on/off) and sell some cockroaches!!! you get about $460 for
each square.

Submitted by: Rebecca McLaughlin

After your Sim has been abducted by ALIENS(dont forget how to do it:look through 
the telescope 5to6 times!)He/she will have all their points on low! 
Use the move_objects on cheat to put them back on full...

Also, the cheats, hist_add, edit_char, fam_test and many more are bougas cheats. 
I have tried them all, and they have not worked. Try tthem out for yourself, 
if you dont belive me!!!

Here is for money: Rosebud. Kalapicus will not work on the game.

If you put move objects on, you can build on roads. You can trap cars to make 
them look like they are yours!!(This does work, and makes you highly popular, 
if you enjoy letting your Sims miss work...)

Very Quick Money:
Submitted by: Daniel Soares

(all expansion packs)

Press shift+ctrl+alt+c. Then type in rosebud. 
press return then do shift+ctrl+alt+c again.  
Then type in !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!::::
Hold down return and loads of money will be 
added to your account.
It will say 'No such cheat' but keep holding 
down return.  The more !; you type the more 
money you will get each time.
Typing move_objects on lets you move things you 
normally cannot move e.g your sims, the mailbox 
and trash outside.

To get loads and loads of money press Ctrl, Shift and C at once and a 
box comes up , type in rosebud;: and hold down enter. No such cheat 
will come up but it works! hint: use something to hold ur enter key 
down watch tv 4 an hour and u will have millions to spend :o) 
... thats what i did!

The sims & any expansion pack:
Submitted by:  Katety Dunwin

ok you all probally know that rosebud makes your money go up but here 
is a way to go up REALLY fast type this line "rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!; " 
with a space at the end. Then HOLD on enter and watch your money fly 
up. Alternitavely press crt, delete, alt and right shift over and over 
very fast and then money will go up to $9,999,999,999 !!! HAVE FUN!

Submitted by: George

This Cheat will also work with all other versions of the sims
pressing ctrl-shift-c together brings up the console. enter fill it 
with !   then go back and in between each ! enter a ;   After the 5th! 
enter a : so it will look something like this [!;!;!;!;!:!;!;!;!;] then 
press enter, (the : can be placed between any of the ! but it just 
easier to do after the 5th ! so you do not forget.) what this cheat 
will do is allow you to keep adding more simoleons to the account of 
the current family you are working with it adds (60,000 a pop). the 
game will say no such cheat, just hit enter and look at the amount in 
the families bank statement, it does go up. (the max amount that you 
can put in a sims account is 9,999,999) the : allows it to stay posted 
in the console until you decide to erase the code.  the original cheat 
is press ctrl-shift-c then fill the console with ! and then in between 
each ! enter a ; so the cheat will look something like this
[!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;] then press enter, this only allows you to 
give your sim family mo! re simoleons just once then the console closes 
and you have to bring the console up again and retype the cheat all 
over again.

Submitted by: Josh Burge

UNLIMATED MONEY (hint- its would be a lot easyier is you highlight this then 
press ctrl+c) type this: 
!;!;!;!;!;!:::: after this (or if you 
pressed ctrl+c press ctrl+v to paste it in the cheat bar.) hold enter it WILL say 
"no such cheat" but hold 
enter and watch your bank balance go up when it hits $9,999,999 youve got unlimated

Submitted by: georgia hazelwood

If u press shift,ctrl,alt n c then a grey box will come up then typ in rosebud the press 
enter then do that agin n typ in !;!;! (as many as u like )then a load of money will 
apare have fun !

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