The Sims 2 - Apartment Life Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Sims 2 - Apartment Life 
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 The Sims 2 - Apartment Life Cheats

The Sims 2 - Apartment Life

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Neves

Pressing down "Ctrl+Shift+C" during game play to display the console window
then enter one of the following codes:

Code                                             Result
changelotzoning                                - Change lot zoning (1)
boolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled false - All building tools available
printLotClass                                  - Print lot's class
changeLotClassification                        - Change lot classification (2)
clearLotClassValue                             - Reset changeLotClassification code
Vsync [on or off]                              - Toggle vertical sync for game performance
boolprop locktiles [true of false]             - Toggle floortile lock
Aging [on or off]                              - Toggle aging
apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [on or off]      - Toggle buy/build mode tools
Maxmotives                                     - All motives filled
MotiveDecay On                                 - Toggle no motives decreasing on lot
Expand                                         - Expand or contract console window
Help                                           - Lists console commands 
familyFunds [family name] [number]             - Get indicated amount of Simoleons

1.usage: changelotzoning [residential, community, or apartmentbase] 
  (Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently 
  living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like.

2.usage: changeLotClassification [low, middle, or high]
  (This changes the lot classification of the lot. The lot will remain this 
  classification until the following cheat is used).

How to turn your sims into a witch XD:
1.Press shift + ctrl + c to bring up the cheat box.
2.Enter the following (take note of spaces & caps): boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.
3.Go to the mailbox, and hold shift and click on the mailbox, then lick from the options
  "Make me know everyone". Also, hold shift and click on the sim your controlling and 
  click on "more" once, then "spawn" them "more" again then "sim modder", a small model
  baby should appear.
4.Next, go to your phone, and call a sim, then click on "show as text" (above the lightning
5.Scroll down until you find names such as "Kiera Go the infallibly Good Witch" or "Lila 
  Hourvitz the atrociously Evil Witch", as long as it has infallibly good witch, or atrcoiously
  evil witch on the end, itdoesnt matter. They are quite easy to spot because they are long and
  they stick out compared to the other names.
6.Invite whatever witch you want, depending on if you want to be a good or bad witch, and wait
  for them.
7.When they arrive, click on the modder sim from earlier, and click on "relationships: other
  to me" then click on the name of the witch and click "likes" (or love, if your a teen you 
  can choose love cos you wont fall inlove, if your an adult, just click like), then click off
  the modder and do the same thing, except instead of clicking "relationships: other to me" 
  click on "relationships: me to other". 
8.Now, hold shift and click on the witch, and click "MAKE SELECTABLE" and then, change your
  sim to the witch and click on the sim you want to turn into a witch and click on "more" 
  then "cast a spell: Magus Mutatio" and wait for the magic to happen ... Voila!! your sim 
  is now a witch.

Note: The with who gave you powers will also give you a spellbook and couldron, which you can
find in your inventory.

Ignore needs:
Enable the Maxmotives code to get all motives to full. With the game paused, enable the 
MotiveDecay On code. This will stop the motives for all the Sims on the lot from decreasing.
They will no longer need to use the bathroom, eat food, or have anti-social crying. 
This also works for pets and babies.

50,000 Dollars the fast way:
Submitted by: Kudo

Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and then the console will drop down then type in a random letter until it 
comes down even more, now type in motherlode which is the code but instead of pressing enter, 
copy it and press enter now you can just keep pasteing it by pressing CTRL+V

Have up to 9999999 simoleans:
Submitted by: kaeleigh

Bring up the cheat box by pressing ctrl shift and c then type in exactly like this

familyfunds (sim family's last name) 9999999
ok so its familyfunds then the last name of any family that you want to give money to then 9999999

Make all Skills, motives etc. full!:
Submitted by: Gerhard de Beer

While in your neighbourhood, press Ctrl + Shift + c to pop up the cheat window! type in boolProp 
testingCheatsEnabled true and press Enter. Load the household you want to play at.
You can now click on needs and pull it towards any place on the bar, to make it the way you want 
it from emty to full(this works on the skills to eg. Coocking, cleaning etc). You can also hold 
Crtl and click on the wants to fulfill their wants or fears.

Money, money, money!!!:
Submitted by: Amy

Need money fast? Press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the cheats window. Type in familyFunds 
(Family name) 1000000. e.g. familyFunds Jackson 1000000. It's that simple!! 

Earn all the skills:
Here is what you do first you go to your bookshelf then you should be in a good mood then click
on study then go to physiology then after you are done studying it then go click on yourself 
and then go to jump rope then go to the skills bar and you have maxed out the body skill then
if you read a cooking book you have maxed out the cooking skill and you can do the same with 
all the skills you can start doing this when you are a child then when you go to collage you 
have maxed out all the skills and you don't have to worry.

To become a with in 3 steps:
Submitted by: chocolate milk

ok press shift [Ctrl] c at the same time enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true exctly like that ok
then go to your mail box click shift hold it down and click on the mailbox.
when it say make npc click it and then look for the grand high good witch or whatever witch you want 
to be control the witch make it use the spell magus magutios on you and walla your a witch!!!!

How to speed up pregnancy:
* First make sure your sim is pregnant.
* Then press Ctrl Shift C at the same time and a cheat box will come up.
* Type in "Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true".
* Then shift click on a sim. 
* Click on spawn then tombstone of L and D. A tombstone will come up. Click on the tombstone. 
  (the first time you click on it give it time to come up. After that it will come up quicker)
* Select speed up my pregnancy.
  (if your sim is not pregnant it will not show up. Instead it will say "make me pregnant with...
  " or "Simulate genetic merger with..." if you click on it names of the sims on the lot will pop
  up click on a name and your sim will be pregnant with that sim).
* In 3-5 hours your sim will give birth.

Get Money:
Submitted by: Trueness

First you have to get the cheat box up by pressing ctrl+shift+c and your cheat box will come 
up and the just type in Motherlode and you will get $50,000 for your sims to spend.

Becoming a Witch... in 10 Easy Steps:
Submitted by: Britt

How to become a witch.
1. Press ctrl + shift + c to open the cheat box
2. Type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3. Once you have pressed enter, press shift and click on the mailbox
4. Then go to NPC and click Grand High Witch (evil or good)then wait for her to turn up
5. When the witch turns up, press shift and click on a sim and go to 'SPAWN' then 
6. Click on the Tombstone and press 'MAKE ME FRIENDLY TO EVERYONE HERE'
7. Interact with the Witch (it shouldnt take many interactions at all)
8. Then select the Witch and press (for good witch) Teach the way of the light or 
   (for evil witch) Teach the path of Darkness.
9. Then watch as your sims becomes a witch
10.Enjoy you witch sim!

Blind with Regens:
Submitted by:Meowstar1
Email : 

In Apartment Life, you can blind everyone easily! Follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to the set of blocks away from spawn.
Step 2: Copy the regen button on that set.
Step 3: Continuously step on the copied regen buttons.
Step 4: There you go! The whole screen is blank!


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