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  Hints and Tips for: The Sims - Life Stories 
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 The Sims - Life Stories Cheats

The Sims - Life Stories

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window. 
Note: Some codes may be case-sensitive. 

Result                                      Code 
List most cheat codes                     - help
Display information about indicated cheat - help [cheat command]
Close console window                      - exit
Expand or contract console window         - expand
1,000 more Simoleons                      - Kaching
50,000 more Simoleons                     - motherlode

Cheat Codes:
To bring the Cheat Box up in Free Play mode press Control Shift C at the 
same time. 

Code - Effect 
aspirationpoints(#)   - Adds aspiration points to the selected character
moveobjects off/on    - Allows you to place objects where you normally couldn't
roofSlopeAngle(15-75) - Changes the roof pitch 75 being the steepest
aspirationlevel(0-5)  - Enter a # 0-5 0 places aspiration in red 5 in Platnum
maxmotives            - Maxes all motives for everyone on the lot
boolprop              - Testingcheatsenabled true/false Open the boolprop cheat
aging off/on          - Turns aging off/on for everyone on the lot
boolprop              - Snapobjectstogrid true/false Turns the ability of objects
unlockCareerRewards   - Unlocks all the career rewards for selected character

Testing cheats mode:
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window. Enter 
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true to activate testing cheats mode. This is a very 
powerful cheat that enables many new things. In Create A Sim, after enabling this 
code, go into debugmode by pressing [Shift] + N before making a Sim. You now have 
the following new things in Create A Sim: skin tones, clothing, and some other 
options such as viewing the skinfilenames. In the game itself, after enabling this 
code, hold [Shift] and left click on a Sim to have lots of options, such as changing 
clothes, make your Sim fat or thin, set their aspiration level, etc. This code also 
can spawn some interesting items, such as the tombstone of L(ife) and D(eath), and 
family members. 
Enable the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code then go onto a different family. 
A strange code will appear at the top right hand corner. If you go onto the Sims' 
needs, you can click on each one and drag it up or down, whichever desired. You 
can also increase the skill points of your Sims in the same way. This is useful 
if you want a promotion, if your Sim is depressed, if you are teaching a toddler 
to walk, etc. You can also hold [Shift] and click on a Sim. Click on "More", then 
"Spawn" and create the Tombstone of L and D. You can click on this, then "More" 
then "Make everyone here friends with me", which helps if you need friends to get 
promoted, or to complete an aspiration task. 
Note: When you use the "Testing cheats mode" code and click something, sometimes 
a thing called "force error" or "POSE" appears. Do not click this, because it can
cause problems with your game. If you accidentally click it, you can correct it 
by clicking the "Reset" button in the window that appears.

Press Control Shift C to get the cheat box up the enter MaxMotives so you dont 
have to keep doing things for them etc making them have a bath. Also cheat is 
very helpfull when you sim is pregnant.

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