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  Hints and Tips for: The Supper 
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 The Supper Cheats

The Supper

Submitted by: David K.

Complete Walkthrough Guide:
Written by necroking

-=Walkthrough (Step-by-Step)=-

* Pick up the fire tongs under the swordfish on the wall.
* Use the tongs on the embers under the big pot of special sauce.
* Enter the dining room to the right, and use the fire tongs with ember 
  on the candle chandelier.
* Grab the empty water jug on the round table right outside the kitchen door.
* Go back into the kitchen and click on the special sauce.
* Go back into the dining room and walk to the far side of the room where 
  the 3 customers are. Clicking on any of them will cue a small scene.
* Take all 3 of the customers orders by clicking on each of them.
* Head outside through the door to the right and continue right to the end 
  of the dock.
* The fisherman's head rolls off. Click on the fishing pole to obtain a wet 
* Grab the boot and head back to the front of the tavern. Use the boot on 
  the bird that perches atop the tavern sign.
* Pick up the pigeon then head back inside and to the kitchen.
* Click the pigeon in your inventory and then use it on the special sauce 
* Head back into the dining room and give the pigeon a la sauce rosee to 
  the man with the green beard.
* He drops a pair of rusty scissors. 
* Pick them up then head back outside to the dock.
* Use the rusty scissors on the rope to drop the ladder to gain access 
  to the boat.
* Climb the ladder onto the boat then go left into the captain's cabin.
* Obtain the knife from the captain's back.
* Go back onto the deck of the ship and then just right of the ladder 
  climb down through the trap door.
* Use the full water jug on the seedling in the crate to the left.
* Harvest the chili pepper then head back to the tavern and into the kitchen.
* Once in the kitchen, use the knife in your inventory on the sword fish's 
  tail on the wall.
* Combine the chili pepper and the sword fish tail by clicking on one of 
  them and then clicking on the other.
* Head back into the dining room and then give the dish to the customer 
  sitting on the left side of the table.
* Pick up the jailer's keys he drops and his tongue then go outside.
* Click the solid wax in your inventory and then add it to the empty pot 
  next to the special sauce to boil it.
* Click on the skeleton arm in your inventory and then use it on the pot 
  of boiling wax to get a wax hand.
* Combine the slimy tongue and the hand to get the wax hand and tongue.
* Click on the wax hand and tongue in your inventory and then use it on 
  the special sauce.
* Go into the dining room and give the dish to the deadly shark.
* Go back outside and click on the wooden cart just right of the door 
  then click on the tavern entrance.
* Click on the lever to grind the bodies.

The end.

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