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  Hints and Tips for: They Breathe 
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 They Breathe Cheats

They Breathe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Echoes From The Past" achievement:
At the start of the game jump in and out of the water and over the log 
and other objects. The achievement will be earned at the end of the game. 

Easy "No Hands!" achievement:
Do not jump or use your "hands" throughout the game.

Easy "Triple Jelly!" achievement:
Reach the hole/pond with a group of about eight jellyfish. You have to 
kill at least three jellyfish simultaneously. Get the group to move from
left to right and hit the air bubbles. Try to get them on top of each other
and when one blows there will be a large air bubble. It will cause a ripple 
effect if the rest of the jellyfish are close enough. Reload the wave and 
try again if you did not kill enough. The achievement will be earned at 
the end of the game.
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