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  Hints and Tips for: Thief Simulator 
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 Thief Simulator Cheats

Thief Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Here is the list of the different game commands available in Thief Simulator. 
While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window. 

Code               Effect
freemoney        - Gives Money (10.000 )
freexp           - Gives Experience Points (100)
cleararch        - Removes Achievements
solazy           - automatically completes one story mission
iknowall         - discover all house's tenant routines
ghost            - invisible to people,cctv,and police
allskills        - Unlock all skill
thieftools       - unlock and/or giving all thief tools
stealpickupold   -
stealpickupnew   - 
stealasian       - 
clearitems       - 
nighttime        -
noontime         - 
daytime          - 
eveningtime      - 
notparanoid      - 
human            - 
1star            -
2star            -  

Tips and Tricks:
Written by Cuz

-=Big Items=-
With big item's you want to have your car as close as possible to the house without it 
being in the middle of the road so people don't call the cops for it being in a weird 
place. Usually as long as the car isn't on the road but is on grass it is a good place to 
keep it.

Backing up the car and leaving the back open so you can just run through and place the 
big item in also helps.

-=Agility Level 1=-
'Throw Bricks'. To be able to find and throw these bricks. The bricks are usually just 
left on/near the roads and the houses. To then throw the brick press E there is no drop 
key so press E near the ground if you don't want to chuck it at a house or wherever 
you're aiming.

-=Buying Hints=-
Buying hints from StealYourForums. This is very helpful especially if for if you're doing 
things for Rent-A-Thug. They can help you find out what their sercurity is like and when 
the people are out or in the house. 

Sidenote: You can take the time and analyse the people and their sercurity if you would 
like to save your money, but I think its worth it just to buy the hints.

Sleeping in game. To sleep in the game you can either go back to home go up the stairs 
and sleep on the couch. Or you can park your car in the parking areas they're located 
on the map as the giant P's.

Lockpicking Guide:
Written by Cap'n Saccade

-=Basic Lockpicks=-
We've all played this mini-game - if you push too hard in the wrong place 4-5 times it 
will break.

Avoid breaking this pick by pressing E again and re-entering the mini-game before breaking 

Practise at home, if you need to, but it's pretty simple and they're cheap. 
A few seconds is all.

Some of us will be familiar with this mini-game - this one is a little more difficult. 
Mis-click more than 3 times and the pick will break, so if you miss 3 times - 
Exit out with E and try again.

You might have to be patient as some tumblers will take several taps to get into position 
(which you might miss, which will frustrate you into a mistake if you're not keeping your 
cool). A few seconds, but don't count on it - could be a bit longer than this.

-=Automatic Lockpick=-
You're only ever going to need one of these, it's practically silent and takes a few 
seconds to open the lock.

That's it - no reason to ever not carry these three things (you never know - some houses 
might have internal locks, and they weigh next to nothing - plus you can drop them and 
pick them up for 10XP for first steal of your own equipment, same as all your stuff, in 
each house).

-=Safe Cracking Kit=-
This can be a little tricky to start, but the trick here is a steady rhythm. You simply 
move the dial in the direction of the arrow until you hear the "tick" pitch raise or see 
the sound meter jump.

This starts to happen around 7 numbers away from the actual combo, so move in steps of 5 
numbers at a time - when you notice you're getting close to the combo, take it a tap at a time.

Then, simply do the same thing the other way and - for the third, just hold the button down 
because you already opened it. The last number cannot be missed.

Faberge Egg Replicas:
Written by Terrain

A Guide on how to get all the Faberge Egg Replicas.

-=The Eggs=-
208 - The Adams
At 208 there is a Faberge Egg Replica in the garage, On the shelf, This house has a lot 
of security.

208 - Again?
Yes there is another one in 208, in a glass cabinet to the right of the painting for the 
last mission.

207 - The Fosters
At 207 there is a Faberge Egg Replica in the second floor bed/living room, The room with 
the door to the climbable balcony and from the stairs you go to the left and then immediately 
a right to the door, This house is a bit tricky to get into just like the last one.

207 - Again
The fourth faberge egg replica is located in 207, behind the stairs in the kitchen, in the 
corner of the counter is where the egg is located.

205 - The Torres
House 205 has a Faberge Egg replica in an upstairs office, Same room as the antique book, 
again, high security.

Those are all the eggs
Yup, all the eggs, sell them on blackbay now.

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