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  Hints and Tips for: This War of Mine 
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 This War of Mine Cheats

This War of Mine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Check the shelter's inventory ("Our Things") frequently to view a summarized list 
  of pro's and con's about your shelter and survivors to the right of the inventory.
* Build a radio early and check it every day for weather and news. When you finish 
  checking, leave it on the classic music station for a small morale boost.
* Restart the game if you do not like your party. Some of the best survivors early on 
  are Marko (15 inventory slots), Roman (good fighter), Boris (17 inventory slots), 
  Bruno (Good Cook) and Marin (Handyman).
* Also, when new characters come to join your group, you can restart the day until you
  get a character that would be most beneficial to your team. For example, if you start
  in the Summer and want to have Marin ASAP so you can conserve resources in preparation
  for the Winter months, you can keep restarting your day until Marin comes to your door.
  Same goes for any character unless you've killed them.
* Also you can quit any time and restart the day from the morning if you are not satisfied
  with the scavenging results, your activities during the day, or you're raided and weren't
* If your survivor dies while scavenging, you can quickly Alt+F4 to kill the game before 
  the next day loads. The game is auto-saved at the beginning of each day.
* Since the game is auto-saved at the beginning of each day, you can easily make manual 
  save points every couple of days or so by browsing to the save files location on your 
  computer. At the beginning of each day, Alt + Tab out and copy the save files into a 
  folder (called "day5" for example). You can then load a specific day by exiting the 
  game first, then copying back the backed up files. For the Steam version, the save files
  are located in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\userdata\[YOUR STEAM ID]\282070\remote 
  (you might also want to turn off Cloud).
* It is possible to put things in a specific container in the shelter instead of keeping
  them in the "invisible" container accessed by clicking "Our things". Pick one container
  and keep at least one item in it so that it remains lootable. Before ending the day, 
  put everything except equipment and weapons inside the container (so that the characters
  on guard have something do defend themselves with). When a new day begins, have one 
  character access that container, click "Grab All" then put back an item (important!). 
* In some games, the pile may spontaneously disappear in the night during night 21, 
  causing you to lose everything in it upon loading the next day. 

  This trick has many uses:
  * Prevent raiders from stealing items.
  * Prevent characters on guard from using ammo.
  * Prevent smokers or coffee drinkers from using up cigarettes or coffee beans.

Fighting Hints:
* Combat in this game has a steep learning curve, it's best to just jump into it to 
  learn how to do it properly.
* Knives can be used to back-stab enemies who are unaware of your presence. Get close to
  them with their back turned/Wait for them to get close to you while hiding, and when 
  the the knife circle turns to a yellow and changes you can back-stab for massive damage/
  instant quiet kills. Note they are not completely quiet, a single shut door and very l
  ittle distance will still make enough sound to set off another enemy.
* Melee weapons are some of the strongest weapons in the game, and can also be used in
  combination with a firearm to increase your fighting potential.
* Intentionally sprinting and attracting guards to your position is an imperative tactic
  for your survival. Simply lure them to a hiding zone, hide, and wait until the back-
  stab option is available.
* Wait until you have a helmet and/or armored vest before intentionally getting into a 
  fire fight. Using cover doesn't help prevent them from hitting you, it reduces the 
  damage you take. Remember your Scavenger is alone and usually out-numbered. A Scavenger
  with a Shotgun, Armored Vest, Helmet, and under cover will win a straight up gun fight 
  vs 2 normal (Not military) enemies with shotguns,but with Lethal Wounds that will 
  require that Scavenger to stay in bed and consume bandages for the next 3 days.

Scavenging Is an Art:
When the time comes to scavenge, you want to send out whoever has the largest backpack. 
A second consideration is running speed, and you want to make sure you leave no later 
than 3 or 4 in the morning, depending how close you are to the exit. Fill your pack 
with food and components, wood, and medicine. Start by exploring those areas that are
least dangerous--especially if they contain the above resources--and branch out beyond
that only as necessary (and if you have room left in your pack). Finally, make sure you
bring along tools that you can use to make the scavenging process go more smoothly. 
You'll lose some space, but you'll be more effective.

Sleep by Day:
The most important time to be on your guard is at night, when the environment outside 
is most treacherous. You want to have your population well rested by that time, so they
can guard against potential issues. Have people sleep when it's bright outside, but make
sure you have someone crafting gear to help with the war. Then have that individual 
sleep at night, while his companions are handling the defense.

Food Is Precious:
Sometimes, you'll have all the food you need. Often, that's not the case. Therefore, 
it pays to be stingy so your resources will last. Feed people only when you must in 
order to keep them alive. You can get by with paying them only every other day or so,
which is a good idea even if you have excess resources at the time; that could change
down the line.
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