Three Attendants Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Three Attendants 
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 Three Attendants Cheats

Three Attendants

Submitted by: RM

1.Click the mummy at the back and he moves and grab the rice cracker.
2.While Rickcracker is the deer and he moves..leaving 
  you a dumpling.
3.While dumpling is the monkey and he moves leaving 
  you a carrot.
4.Go Right..with carrot the kittens..and one moves 
  and you can get the worm
5.Go Right..with carrot hightlited, click the bunny and he moves. 
  sending dog out of dog house taking its place.
6.Take paper out of mailbox/birdhouse
7.Go Right and take shovel
8. Put worm in the little hole house or whatever  and he will come out 
   and give you dumpling
-Take it and take the worm again.
-Give dumpling to bird.
9.With the shovel hightlited dig for a lake near the branch..

Click little elephant then click momma elephant and take the small 

10.Go Left again..with the shovel highlighted ..dig in the back behind 
   the birdhouse/mailbox and find Pencil shapener

Open up the tool box and discover pencil.
Use it in the sharpener..

11.Hightlite the paper and use pencil on it and see 10$
12.Go left and put the 10$ in the bowl and grab the flute

13.Go Left again and put snake in one of the three bowls..With the flute 
   hightlighted..keep clicking the snake, till he gives you another 
14.Go Right twice and give dumpling to the rabbit.
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