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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Submitted by:  sachi

If you love playing Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005 and want to play as some of the 
incredible golfers in the game, but don't have the time to unlock those players, 
you can take a shortcut. By heading to the EA SPORTS Options and Extras 
Password menu in your game, you can input one of the codes below to unlock that 
specific player. Input as many codes to unlock as many players as you like, and 
those players will be available for you to use when you select your golfer in any 
one of the game modes. Have fun!


Justin "The Hustler" Timberlake: 
Submitted by: Haspa 

Hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] + J and press T at the main menu. 
He is a good player with 105% in all attributes.

Bonus courses: 
Emerald Dragon: Earn $1 million.
Greek Isles: Earn $1.5 million.
Paradise Cover: Earn $2 million.
EA Sports Favorites: Earn $5 million.
Mean8teen: Earn $10 million.
Fantasy Specials: Earn $15 million.
Legend Compilation #1: Defeat Ben Hogan in legend tour mode.
Legend Compilation #2: Defeat Gary Player in legend tour mode. 
Legend Compilation #3: Defeat Seve Ballesteros in legend tour mode.
Legend Compilation #4: Defeat Arnold Palmer in legend tour mode. 
Legend Compilation #5: Defeat Jack Nicklaus in legend tour mode. 
The Hustler's Dream 18: Defeat The Hustler in legend tour mode. 
Tiger's Dream 18: Defeat Tiger Woods in legend tour mode. 

Dream 18 with 100 prestige rating: 
The following are 18 holes you can use to receive a rating of 100 on your 
Dream 18. They can be put in any order and do not have to be Tiger Proofed.

St. Andrews No. 1
Pebble No. 8
Fancourt No. 5
Harbour Town No. 18
Colonial No. 16
Sherwood No. 18
Paradise Cove No. 18
Troon No. 6
Pebble No. 7 
St. Andrews No. 18
Colonial No. 5
Sherwood No. 16
Greek Isles No. 1
Coeur d'Alene No. 14
Paradise Cove No. 4
Pebble No. 18
St. Andrews No. 17
Sawgrass No. 17 

Use the following Dream 18 list for 100 Prestige points:
St Andrew's No. 1
Pebble Beach No. 8
Fancourt No. 5
Harbourtown No. 10
Sawgrass No. 3
Sherwood No. 18
Emerald Dragon No. 3
Troon No. 6
Pebble Beach No. 7 
St Andrews No. 18
Turnbury No. 9
Sherwood No. 16
Edgewood No. 14
Sherwood No. 17
Red Mountain No. 15
St. Andrews No. 17
Sawgrass No. 17
Pebble Beach No. 18 

Easy course with 100 prestige rating: 
Note: The order is optional.

Hole 1 : St. Andrews No.1 (Par 4)
Hole 2 : Turnberry No. 3 (Par 4)
Hole 3 : Pebble Beach No. 18 (Par 5)
Hole 4 : Sawgrass No. 17 (Par 3)
Hole 5 : Coeur d'Alene No. 2 (Par 4)
Hole 6 : Sherwood CC No. 1 (Par 4)
Hole 7 : Troon North Monument No. 3 (Par 5)
Hole 8 : Paradise Cove No. 3 (Par 3)
Hole 9 : St. Andrews No. 12 (Par 4) 
Hole 10: Sherwood CC No. 18 (Par 4)
Hole 11: Emerald Dragon No. 1 (Par 5)
Hole 12: Greek Isles No. 13 (Par3)
Hole 13: Turnberry No. 14 (Par 4)
Hole 14: St. Andrew No. 18 (Par 4)
Hole 15: Harbour Town No. 2 (Par 5)
Hole 16: Colonial CC No. 9 (Par 4)
Hole 17: Pebble Beach No. 15 (Par 4)
Hole 18: Greek Isle No. 8 (Par 3)

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