Time Runners 10 - The Time Sentry Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Time Runners 10 - The Time Sentry 
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 Time Runners 10 - The Time Sentry Cheats

Time Runners 10 - The Time Sentry

Mission 1:
a. Wander through the labyrinth and pick up shining stars.
b. Pick up the piece of glass.
c. Find the skeleton and take the tuning-fork from him.
d. Find the exit of the labyrinth ( use the map to do so ).

Mission 2:
a. Wander through the forest and you will find a little temple.
b. use the ´hand´-icon to touch the glass doom.
c. you will use the tuning-fork automaticly and you will recieve 
   a laser gun (well, at least its a gun).
d. Find the tree and take the branch.
e. To get away you need to defeat the statue of a soldier.
   Use the right mouse button to kill him.

Mission 3:
a. Enter the city and kill the Blob-monsters. Just hit them.
b. Watch out for holes (or are they mud-pools?).
c. Use the Slot machine (lever will break)
d. Use the slot machine (fix it with the branch)
e. Use the slot machine until the right door opens. There are 4 
   doors and its the second from the left. Other will resultin 
   wasting your precious time.

Now you can enjoy a small intro with 3 time sentry`s. Because you 
passed the three tests you are a sentry too, and you are now a part 
of the team.

If you didnt get the gun they will give it to you, so mission 2 has 
no effect on the game. getting the gun only results in getting more 
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