Time Slaughter Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Time Slaughter 
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 Time Slaughter Cheats

Time Slaughter

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the ts midgetpower command line, 
then enter one of the codes below while in game play 
to activate the following cheat function.

Function                    - Code 
Toggle clipping mode          - Ctrl + A 
Toggle death mode             - Ctrl + E 
Toggle heads                  - Ctrl + L 
Toggle mid-air moves          - Ctrl + Q 
Toggle screen spins           - Ctrl + U 
Toggle status bars            - Ctrl + I 
Toggle strobe effect          - Ctrl + O 
Toggle suction                - Ctrl + X 
Toggle super moves            - Ctrl + S 
Toggle teleports              - Ctrl + H 
Toggle tilt screen            - Ctrl + Z 
Toggle timer                  - Ctrl + T 
Toggle zooms                  - Ctrl + W 
Toggles background graphics   - Ctrl + D 
Toggles combo messages        - Ctrl + N 
Toggles vertical scrolling    - Ctrl + V 
Turbo player one              - Ctrl + Comma 
Turbo player two              - Ctrl + Semicolon 
"shot???.raw" screenshot file - Ctrl + Equals 
Display debug info            - Ctrl + Y 
Enables fatalities            - Ctrl + F 
Increase blood                - Ctrl + B 
One hit kills                 - Ctrl + K 
Pauses and resumes game       - Ctrl + P

Moves List:

Fireball Flambe:        Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch
Chubunga Tripper:       Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + Kick
Human Meat Roll:        Charge Backward, Press Forward + Punch
Cannibal Flame:         Toward, Down, Down-Towards + Punch
Spinning Flesh Sizzler: Down, Down, Down + Punch
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Towards, Away, Towards + Punch

Nekuya Blade:           Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch
Blind man's Nodokiu:    Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch
Gintsu:                 Charge Away, Press Forward + Punch
Yell of the Mtn Gods:   Towards, Towards + Punch
Speedy Snow Blade Trash:Press Punch a lot
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Down, Down, Down + Punch

Atomic Smash:           Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch
Get the Flick Off:      Down, Down + Punch
Tourette Shaker:        Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + Punch
Profanity Pummel:       Away, Away, Forward
Spasm Punch:            Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch
SLAUGHER MOVE:          Down, Up

Stroke of Death:        Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + Punch
Kick de France:         Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick
Sacre Bleu:             Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick
Frenchy Flip:           Toward, Toward or Away, Away
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Charge Down-Towards, Away + Punch

High Heel Spin Kick:    Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick
Slut Floor Sping:       Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + Kick
Limber Leap:            Charge Away, Press Forward + Kick
Super Ho:               Away, Away, Forward + Kick
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Away, Down, Down + Kick

Schizo Kick:            Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick
Psycho Spiral:          Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch
Loony Spin:             Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch
Crazy Dive:             Down, Up + Punch
Bouncy Ball:            Down-Away, Towards + Kick
Split Personality:      Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Charge Away, Press Toward + Punch

High Slithering Snake:  Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch
Low Slithering Snake:   Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick
Oriental Head Spin:     Away, Down, Down-Towards + Punch
Head Whipper:           Press Punch a lot
Mantis Claw:            Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch
Fortune Cookie Flip:    Towards, Towards
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Away, Away, Away + Punch

Run Head Smash:         Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch
Big Ground Slap:        Down, Down + Punch
Igneus Velocity:        Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch
Clubba Clubba:          Towards, Towards + Punch
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Towards, Away, Away + Punch

Scottish Drop:          Away, Down, Down-Away + Punch
Broken Bottle:          Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch
Stranded Smacker:       Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch
Beard Whip:             Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch
SLAUGHTER MOVE:         Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick
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