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  Hints and Tips for: Timespinner 
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 Timespinner Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock Nightmare Mode / Hard Difficulty (Cheat):
Written by Doots

Start a new game, go to the pause menu, and enter this password:

Battle Savant Achievement (Easy Unlock):
Written by HiT BiT

You need the to use the "Talaria Attachment" and "Radiant Orb" while fighting 
Ifrit in the Dream World for an easy flawless kill.

The moment you enter the boss room use the "Talaria Attachment" to glide towards 
Ifrit while he begins his transformation in the middle of the room.

Stop at the same spot where he is transforming and crouch down. 

While you crouched down use the "Radiant Orb" to hit him until you kill him. 
None of Ifrti's attacks will be able to hit you while you stay crouched down 
at that spot just below him.

Start a new game or load a save, open up the pause menu and select "Passwords".

Password Effect
24SR07XGBO9J - Kickstarter Merchant Crow + Skin, Umbra Orb, Meyef Skin!
SPEEDRUNALPH - Skip the tutorial, all chests are rare chests, and all enemies 
               that have a 2nd equipable drop will always drop that item.
SPEEDRUNBETA - Skip the tutorial, capped levels (Lunais, Familiars, and Orbs), 
               cleared Use Item Inventory, full stock of (Warp Shards, Hi-Ethers, 
               and 1 Lachiemi Star)
NIGHTMARE777 - Unlocks Nightmare Mode

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