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  Hints and Tips for: Time Stripper Mako 
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 Time Stripper Mako Cheats

Time Stripper Mako

You'll notice the "CG Gallery" option on the main menu. That's the 
photoshop in this game, and it will show all the "significant" 
pictures you've ever seen while playing the game, H or not. It isn't 
ALL the images, for instance no shot of Mako topless in your room 
before she realizes her clothes didn't arrive on her. The file that 
controls the Gallery is "MO", and there are files out there that you 
can load that have all images (100%) visible, so I won't include 
instructions on how to patch the file here. If you can't find the 
saved game archive out there, I would GUESS that you can just change 
the contents of MO. Looks like the bytes from $64 to $9C should all 
be $01 instead of $00 to turn on all the pictures. That's just from 
comparing my MO file and an "all pictures on" MO file, so don't 
blame me if it doesn't work for you.

In case you're interested, all the text for the game is in the 
"ZSS*" files, where the last letter is "E" for English, etc. They 
differ a bit in order, but its all there someplace.

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