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  Hints and Tips for: Tin Can 
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 Tin Can Cheats

Tin Can

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Sorted Alarm Codes / Eliminate Main Computer:
Written by Duckets 615

Sorted alarm codes for quick reference. Eliminate the need for the main 
computer and survive longer.

-=Recommended usage of this guide=-
* Copy and paste this list into notepad or similar.
* Make sure list is vertical, one alarm per line.
* Play TinCan in windowed mode.
* Have the game take up about 80% of the screen.
* Minimize the notepad to take up the rest.

The game manual list error codes without any order. This sorted list makes it easier 
to identify each error code. The error lists of each system is translated by the main 
computer into text to display on it's monitor. If the computer is damaged or off, the 
error list will display alarm codes instead. With this reference guide you can play 
without the need for the computer leaving you an entire system of spare parts you 
can either swap with damaged components or dismantle in the repair station to give 
you some much needed parts.

-=All Codes=-

0000 = monitor off

0 NE4 = bad power connector
0 BEA = bad power transformer

01 N2 = bad data connector
01 N4 = bad power connector
01 JE = cabin pressure low
017 H = low oxygen
017 K = bad yellow master caution

02 NE = bad battery

9 B2L = bad switch
9 LOF = low battery

A BT6 = full bottle
A N93 = cabin pressure high
A R22 = dirty filter

B KEE = empty bottle
B Z67 = bad processor

J KL1 = bad monitor

K A02 = high CO2

M AAG = bad buzzer
M AP5 = high system power
M PAA = bad fuse

N A82 = low pump

P 0J3 = low bottle
P AN8 = bad red master alarm
P B28 = system low power
P N82 = O2 generator slow

T B65 = O2 levels high
T R22 = low gravity
T R23 = high gravity
T Y2B = bad filter

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