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  Hints and Tips for: Tiny Echo 
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 Tiny Echo Cheats

Tiny Echo

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Music Connoisseur Secret Achievement:
Extended guide of the 'Music Connoisseur' secret achievement. 
Location, puzzles, walkthrough: everything explained.

Good day everybody! This little guide will help you unlock the secret Tiny Echo 
achievement. Please be aware of the potential spoilers below, as you may want 
to change your mind and discover this tiny secret by yourself. Still curious 
and want to know? Scroll it down!

-=Where to Start?=-
I will explain the quickest way to unlock this achievement from the very 
beginning of your journey. However, you can start from any location / time / 
progress, as you wish and like. The choice is all yours.

If you have already explored the entire game and familiar with every area in 
Tiny Echo, feel free to skip this part of the guide and move onto the next one! 

Start the game and move to the very first location. That's the place.
Let's call this location 'home'. That's where you can deliver your very first 
letter to that sleepy blue fox. Now, see where the main character (Emi) is? 
Top-left corner? Good, enter that cave. Next area is a nice, green and 
deciduous place. Move to another weird fox-looking creature and deliver 
your second letter to them. 

By doing so, you will free the path that you have to take in order to proceed 
on your quest. You'll see the little funny animation and I won't spoil it for 
you. Now, go back to 'home' location (bottom screen, a second path from the 
left) and then proceed to the right side of the screen.

Enter the cave and you will appear in the tunnel below the ground. Continue 
your way forward and enter the next cave. See the nearby entrance? Go there.
While continuing your way forward, you may observe weird insects, and that 
would mean you are exactly where you have to be. Go to the next cave entrance.
Here you'll meet the little fox with a fire haircut. Talk to this little 
creature and bring them up to the dry twigs (click on them) and witness 
another animated scene.

Once you've done this - move all the way back to the beginning of the tunnel.
This time, enter the very first cave. The one Emi so intently looking at. 
Do not hesitate, go there.

You will appear in the middle of the little village. Go up, to the home with
the ladder and the little fox, painting the roof.

Don't be so shy - go inside! You simply inches away from the secret Tiny Echo 
achievement :D The wolf (or is it a dog?) is no longer a threat and you can 
safely climb the tree!

So close now.. 

-=Let the Music Play!=-
So now what? You are here, you've made it! This is exact location where all 
the magic will happen. Can you hear the wonderful music? Can you see the 
delightfully looking fox with the flute, wearing the green robe?

Now, just sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful music! You can either revisit 
this location multiple times or click on the fox-character to change the 

As soon as you have listened to all the different tunes the 'Music Connoisseur' 
achievement will be unlocked! 


Written by Bo / Toni.

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