Tiny Cars Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tiny Cars 
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 Tiny Cars Cheats

Tiny Cars

Submitted by:Prabhu,Chandar,Karthik and Ram

View Frames Per Second (FPS):
Follow the steps to view FPS while running the game.

= Go to the directory where the game is installed.
= Open Data folder in the directory.
= Open Game.ini.
= Search for the text "ShowFPS=0".
= Change it to "ShowFPS=1".
= Save the file and run Tiny Cars.

After doing the above procedure correctly you could be able to
view FPS in the game.

Editing everything:
= Go to the directory where the game is installed.
= Open Data folder in the directory.
= First make a back-up copy of your "model.ini".
= Open "Model.ini".
= Find the text "[CarXY]",where X denotes the model of the car and 
  Y denotes the colour of the car eg:[Car12] denotes blue tinie.
  If you are not sure about the car, then view the picture and name 
  of the car file in "Cars" folder.
= Below it you can find all the values regarding Geometry, Acceleration,
  Collision, Name, Model, Point, Wheel, Handling, Grip, Weight etc. and 
  just edit these values accordingly to reach best performance out of the car.
= You can also create new cars for the game too.

Recommended values for Cars:
Acceleration :33
Grip         :0.0099
Weight       :2.00
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