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  Hints and Tips for: Titan Quest - Immortal Throne 
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 Titan Quest - Immortal Throne Cheats

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlock Armor sets and weapons:
Entry Location: 

Press "esc" in game and you will see a "unlock content" button, hit it and type in 
any of these codes, and press "ok", the items will be dropt on the ground around 
you character. some of these "sets" are for character level 30

373624   - Armament of Gaul set
437626   - Armament of Germania set
925678   - Garb of the Great Merchant set
274267   - Shinobi Shozoku set 
96958644 - Achilles' Spear 
13333786 - Anendjib's Spear 
63466346 - Ares' Wrath 
53253253 - Armor of the Immortal Guard 
12472353 - Fury of the Three Amazons 
15662674 - Herod's Reach 
85376494 - Horsemaster's Pike 
14441522 - Monk's Spade 
25356154 - Penetrating Spear of Ko k'Bi 
53262633 - Raptor 

Unlock Content codes:
If you press the escape key while ingame you will see the Unlock Content button. 
Press that and enter any of the following codes to unlock an item set. (SKIN) Use 
the "skin item" and a trader wil pop up.Buy and use the dye/potion (SKIN)

Password            Effect
12345             - "Girl Skin"
123456            - "Girl Skin"
123               - "Male and Female Skin"
274267            - "Shinobi Shozoku" set

Start at a higher level:
Once you install the Immortal Throne expansion, you can import characters from the 
original game to the expansion, with the option to rename them. You can use this to 
start new characters at a higher level. To do this, start a new character on the 
original (non-expansion) Titan Quest. Raise that character a few levels without 
selecting a mastery or allocating stat points. Now, you can import and rename that 
character in the expansion as many times as you like, effectively allowing you to 
start new characters at a higher level, with all points unallocated!

Enemies surrond u:
and u do not have a potion and they r killing u run u will slowly regain health.

Kill the yeti boss:
Have good armor tons of potions and a good weapon and stand right in front of him. 
when u r getting weak use potions to heal urself. I also recommend using a power i 
used the lightning attack.

Quick Guide To Creating The Ultimate Character:
- Start a new character on Titan Quest Immortal throne CUSTOM quest. 
- Make sure you have version 1.1 or else this will probably not work. The 
  patches can be found all over the web. 
- Download soulseekers defiler patch for version 1.1. This can be found by 
  googling "soulseekers defiler" on the internet. 
- Once you have successfully downloaded and opened the defiler, there should
  be a list on the left that says all your character names for TQ and TQIT. 
- Select your new character that you just made from that list. After the 
  character gets loaded, click on the character tab which is in the middle 
  of the defiler. 
- Under the basic tab after you opened your character, there should be a red
  square next to name, level, experience and gold. Click on each of their red
  squares one at a time. (name you dont have to, it just changes your character
  name). each time you click on one a grey box will appear. In the white rectangle
  that appears once you click on level, type in 75 and "ok". This will immediately
  level you up to 75. the next box is experience, type in 2,147, 483, 647. That is
  the greatest amount of experience. Under gold, type in 2, 147, 483, 647. that 
  will give you nearly unlimited gold. There is the beginning of your seriously 
  awesome character. 
- Click on the stats tab next, click on each red square at a time. This is your 
  health, mana, str, dex, and intelligence levels. Set each one to 100,000,000. 
  This will make it so your guy is super strong. If you want you can make your 
  available stat points your choice too. 
- The next tab is masteries, here you can change your masteries at any time by 
  clicking reset. 
- The skills tab I wouldnt worry about. The next tab is Diff/WPs. That controls 
  all the portals. On each tab select Check all then save WP data. This makes it 
  seem like you touched all the portals. 
- The next 2 tabs dont worry about, Rebirth and Items/inv. The last misc tab, you
  can change the number of deaths to zero and the number of kills to 2,147,483,647.
  Nothing else on that page can be modified. 
- if you want to, select the "mods by" tab at the very top and select the mods you
  want.(they are all pretty self explanatory.) 
- So now your guy is totally ripped but where is his gear? First go to google and
  type in "titan quest immortal throne map itemus" the second link on the page 
  click on it. Once the screen comes up download Itemus v. 1.1 ~items map. Once the
  download is done, unzip the files by right clicking on the icon and extract files.
  Extract them to my documents/games/Titan Quest Immortal Throne/custom maps. Then 
  your ready to play. Go to immortal throne and start playing the game. 
- go to custom quest and then single player with your new lvl 75 character. Select
  itemus from the list and play. This map has every item in the entire game so pick
  up what you really want, you can always come back later. shut down TQIT when your
- open the defiler again and open up your character again. Scroll over the character
  tab at the top and select copy to main quest. Say yes to all the things that pop 
  up and bam! You have an awesome character that you can show off to everybody on 

Note: Because your attacks are so strong, if they are reflected by Athenas Mirror 
Shield or some other reflecting object, you will die.

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