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 TOCA - Touring Car Cheats

TOCA - Touring Car

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo 

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Code           Result
CMIMPOSS     - Increases difficulty.
CMUPSIDE     - Drive upside down.
WEFLIPPED    - Mirrored Tracks.
TWINPEAKS    - 2x Height.
ETHANOL      - Speed boost.
GLYCERINE    - Nitro boost.
T2           - Chrome cars.
KRAZYKERBS   - Exploding kerbs.
CMGARAGE     - Extra Vehicles, found in the two empty garages.
               after the Laguna.
TANK         - Horn button shoots weapon.
FLEXMOBILE   - Rear Wheel Drive (better traction).
XBOOSTME     - All car speeds doubled.
CMCOPTER     - Helicopter view.
CMSTARS      - Gives the sky a nice and pretty evening look.
CMNOHITS     - Collision detection off.
CMMICRO      - Top Down racing view (as in Micro Machines).
CMCHUN       - Go-Kart View.
CMDISCO      - Disco Fog.
CMFOLLOW     - Trackside camera view.
CMLOGRAV     - Low Gravity.
CMTOON       - Cartoon Horizon.
CMCATDOG     - Cats and dogs fall from the sky.
CMMAYHEM     - Makes the other drivers more aggressive.
CMHANDY      - Bigger hands on steering weel.
JHAMMO       - All tracks.
CMLOCK       - Lock up all the tracks again.
CMRAINUP     - Rain falls upwards.
PATSCREEM    - Enables TOCA showdown mirrored championship.

Submitted by: thomas hall

On toco car racing go the wrong way and smash up all the cars before
theay do all of there laps,it allways works.

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