Togainu no Chi Lost Blood Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Togainu no Chi Lost Blood 
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 Togainu no Chi Lost Blood Cheats

Togainu no Chi Lost Blood

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough and Achievement Guide
Written by lylat


* Press  key to skip to the next choice.
* Disable "Save automatically at choices" in  menu to avoid confusion 
  when making your own saves.
* Enable and set the slider to 100 if you just want the achievements quickly.
* Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.

Note: After beat each ending you will receive an achievement.

Start a new game and obtain first achevement.

-=Gunji End:
Save 1 (press S key to save).
Save 2.
Shake him off.
Save 3.

Note: Spam LMB (left mouse button) to skip the credits.

-=Kiriwar End:
Load Save 3.

-=Arbitro End:
Load Save 2.
Don't shake him off.
Let it go.
...He might come back.
Turn Rin down.
Save 4.
Endure it.
Save 5.

-=Keisuke Bad End #1:
Load Save 4
Cry out.

-=Keisuke Bad End #2:
Load Save 5.
Don't eat.
Save 6.
You’re right.

-=Keisuke End:
Load Save 6

Note: Credits cannot be skipped during this ending.

-=Motomi End:
Load Save 1.
You can't stay.
Save 7
Save 8
Don't shake him off.
Save 9
Punch him.
...Forget him.
Turn Rin down.

-=Rin End:
Load Save 9.
Let it go.
...He might come back.
Take Rin's offer.

-=Shiki End #3:
Load Save 8
Don't shake him off.
Hold his stare.
Let it go.
...Forget him.
Take Rin's offer.
Save 10
Save 11
He couldn’t watch.

-=Shiki End #2:
Load Save 11.
No. This was different.

-=Shiki End #1:
Load Save 10.
Stop him.

-=Nano End:
Load Save 7.
Who is he?
Hold his stare.
Let it go.
...Forget him.
Take Rin's offer.
Get closer.
Bite it

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